Moving To Wireless Headphones Will Make Listening To Content Easier

The next Apple iPhone will have wireless headphone tech only - which should increase podcast and video consumption.

Written by Paul Mortimer
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The latest iPhone will employ wireless technology for headphone connectivity - which should make listening easier and more comfortable. This may increase video and podcast consumption even further.

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Next year will see the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so it's expected there will be a big overhaul of the pioneering smartphone and this autumn's release will purely be an upgrade to the 6 model, rather than a new iPhone 7. Kind of like a 6++, if you will.

Amongst all the chatter about forthcoming Apple releases and amidst the rumours and general despairing over the lack of a truly updated MacBook, there have been confirmations of what to expect from the next round of iPhones.

There are upgrades to the cameras and related software, as well as redesigns of how users interact with the home button and messenger services.


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If you want to see more discussion on the next iPhone, check out this interview from Bloomberg.


What got me thinking, though, was the move away from building in a wired headphone jack.

Apple has been leading their computer users away from disk drives and multiple USB points for a good while now. Fans of the developer enthused about the fact their new £2k computer needed another £50+ spending on a CD drive as it was "the future" and CDs were defunct.

Those looking to take their MacBook around for remote working, presentations or simply looking to use more than a mouse or pad, large screen and charge their phone at the same time have got used to life with a dongle attachment, which allows them multi-USB port usage.

Removing wired headphones from their entry level product is interesting though. Especially if you consider how iconic their white headphones were in the early 00s when iPods helped MP3 players take over.

With the acquisition of Beats headphones in 2014, manufacturers have been able to make headphones which utilise the charging port. This paves the way for Apple manufactured and approved dongles which will allow you to still attach your favourite wired headphones to your newly upgraded iPhone "6++". But users will then start making the move over to wireless headphones.

Eventually, just like how we are stopping buying CDs, we will altogether stop plugging in headphones with a distracting wire tethering us to our device.


Will This Impact Content and Inbound Marketing?

We have seen the growth in audio and video content over the past 18-24 months be bigger than anyone could have predicted. Read more about just how big YouTube is in our previous blog, here.

Just how consumers are heading towards preferring stream and download type consumption of their music - visual entertainment is also following suit. And most likely informative content too.

The youngest millennials and Gen-Z stated in a recent survey they prefer to stream content from the likes of YouTube and Netflix rather than wait for traditional TV's producer-led way of scheduling.

If the move away from (let's face it) unsightly and irksome wired headphones works, it could result in more people consuming podcasts, videos and other downloaded or streamed content.

It's another incremental step towards making it easier to be consuming content on a smartphone or device.

Which is yet another reason to start producing visual and audible content as part of your marketing strategy. Even if it's an audio form of your latest eBook.


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