Lead generation bots: why they should be a marketer’s best friend

Lead generation bots are a great way of, well, nurturing prospects and leads. Here’s why they’re so beneficial and why you need to start thinking about implementing one right away.

Lead generation bots: why they should be a marketer’s best friend
Written by Raza Kazi
Conversational marketing  |   4 minute read

Whether you’re asking Alexa for a compliment to receive an emotional pick-me-up or checking in with Siri to see when the next alien invasion is, you’re actually using a lead generation bot. Hear us out. It’s all based on the questions we ask these bots and the pre-fed answers they provide that we hear in a conversational tone.

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That’s the key right there, a conversational tone. If you’re looking to implement a lead generation bot in your marketing strategy, your potential leads need to feel as if they’re in conversation with someone from your team. Here’s why they’ll be your new best friend and why you need to jump on the bandwagon.

The benefits of using lead bots: a quick overview

Lead generation bots can be the ultimate tool in your marketing efforts. They engage with your potential leads in the form of conversations - even when you’re not in the office. So if you’re having lunch or you’re tucked up in bed, your leads can converse with your bot which will advise them on their next course of action. This is based on the prompts they receive.


They facilitate two-way communication

Take a step back and think of the existing methods you have in place to generate leads. It might be your website, your blog, any content offers and more. As important as they are, they’re mainly one-way communication channels where you can’t interact with your potential leads and vice versa.

Rather than just broadcasting messages to them, a lead generation bot allows you to create conversations. These bots facilitate two-way communication without a real person having to sit in front of a computer and respond to each question.

So, you can scale your conversations more effectively without ever sacrificing that all-important personalised touch.


You can take action much quicker

It’s simple, leads are much easier to convert when they’re followed up with really quickly. The longer you wait, the less likely they are to convert. Lead gen chatbots are super fast and the speedy nature of their responses means you can nurture leads at a rapid rate.

As a result, it lessens the amount of time you spend nurturing individual prospects. They’re also clever enough to classify prospects according to how likely they are to become leads. They’ll do a lot of the legwork so you have a better idea of who you should be focusing your attention on the most.

It’s so much easier to collect data

Another obvious yet important point: customer data is what will help you make better-informed decisions when it comes to your marketing strategies and trying to nurture leads. This data can improve your knowledge which can help you understand how to approach prospects in the future.

As lead bots can also classify customer information according to the responses they give, you’ll be able to gather much more accurate data. Best of all, this bucket of useful information means your future communications with customers finally become more contextually relevant.

They operate 24/7

This is one of the main reasons why live chat solutions can’t really live up to lead generation bots. Sure, live chats are great for instant answers and you’re talking to a human. Although, that’s only possible until the operating time is over and the live chat function is turned off.

Lead gen bots, on the other hand, don’t just work the usual 9-5 and take the weekend off to relax. They operate all the time and are ready to always talk to potential leads and customers.

The massive benefit is that your prospects don’t have to wait until the working hours to get responses. This is extremely valuable, especially if they’re in an entirely different timezone. This actually links nicely with the last point, too. This ‘always-on’ functionality means you can follow up really quickly to reduce frustrating wait times.

In the end, it improves your chances of conversion massively.


Improve efficiency by automating everything

If one of your main goals is to improve efficiency within the business, then a lead generation chatbot is a solution you need to look to implement. Since every session and conversation between the bot and your prospects are documented, you essentially have a ready-made database to help maximise the time you save.

By automating everything, you can aid your lead generation efforts as it simplifies the process of qualifying leads before you can hand them to the sales team at the perfect time. So, the process is both efficient and effective for sales conversions as well. Win-win.


They’re a lot more engaging

‘A conversational tone’ has been a common theme in this blog, and rightfully so. Lead generation bots can change the usual, ordinary and borderline boring forms by switching to a conversation instead. Let’s face it, it’s not the most exciting process, especially if they’re lengthy and tedious.

Ditching forms for a conversation is not only a lot more user-friendly but also makes for a more engaging site experience. It feels like they’re talking to a human on the other end that’s willing to help them which is exactly what you’re aiming for.

This type of conversational marketing ensures that users find exactly what they’re looking for and are treated in the right way. Now that you know why lead generation bots are so helpful, it’s the perfect time to see how you can use HubSpot Conversations to create an effective chatbot strategy.


What you need to know about getting started with conversational marketing with HubSpot

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