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§As it's the last working day of the year I thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on this what has been an extremely busy year here at Digital 22.

Staff and relocation

The year started off with the opening of our North West office in Clitheroe which has become our new HQ, although we still have an office in Durham where Digital 22 started.

To support our growth and expansion we took on two new staff this year. First Vicky who has added to our social media marketing offering and then Chloe who is our first apprentice and provides support to all our service offerings.



We end the year with over twenty active retainer customers and throughout the year worked with dozens more on individual projects.

Our customer expansion has added to our amazing set of customers (such as brick supplier Brickhunter and We Buy DVDs where you can sell your DVDs online) in three ways;


This year our range of digital marketing offering changed to included two new services, social media marketing and a full inbound marketing service.

The customer demand for, and SEO connotations of, social media marketing made it a perfect fit for us and we are delighted our new offering is working great for our customers.

Towards the end of 2014 we made the big move to become a Hubspot Partner and to offer an inbound marketing service. Our experience in SEO, content writing and social media made us a perfect fit for Hubspot which is why they approached us to become a partner. You will hear a lot more from us on this in 2015!

A lot of fun along the way

It’s not all been about work, work, work! Between the team and with our customer we have had great fun along the way…




I would personally like to thank our customers for their support and my team for their hard work this year. I look forward to doing amazing things with them all in 2015!

Have a great Christmas and New Year from the full team here at Digital 22….

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