Is Using Video in Your Sales Process Even Worth it?

You've probably heard that video will soon be a key part of the sales process. Is that right? Is it actually worth it? And what's the best way of doing it?

Written by Jacob Stear
Inbound video |   3 minute read

Yes. Videos are great additions to every branch of your marketing, including sales. Think of how many videos you watch on social media every day and how many of your favourite brands create videos. Why wouldn’t they be a good addition to your business’ sales process? The results speak for themselves.


Why Do They Work?

Videos improve engagement with your website and increase overall conversions. For a start, they’re usually more interesting than an email or a blog post. That’s not to say that those mediums are dead but videos allow you to show off a product in the best possible way.

They’re also an opportunity to put a friendly face to your business. A customer is more likely to choose you over a rival if they think they’re buying from an actual person, rather than a generic brand.

Videos are also more memorable and shareable. You probably receive hundreds of emails a day but how often do you receive a video? If it’s the right kind of video, then you might share it with your teammates and colleagues. Are you going to do the same with an eBook or a perfectly worded email? Unlikely.

Creating the Right Kind of Videos for Sales

You’ve decided to integrate videos into your sales process. Great, that’s a good start. Now, you’ll need to think about the kind of videos you’ll need to make. We’d also recommend not bombarding prospects with too many of them because all you’ll do is turn them away and drive them crazy.

Four or five videos during the full sales process is normally a good figure to aim for. Every lead is different but we’d say make a video during each stage.

Hello: The first video you’ll send is for introducing yourself and what you do for the business. It’s basically breaking the ice without even being in the same room as them. Talk about how you can help and try and answer any questions they may have had during their initial contact with you. It’s basically for letting them know that you’re human.

Hello again: Give them time to digest the first video before you send the next one. This video is for reconnecting and talking about the next steps. Are there any questions that were raised following the first video?

Are you still there?: If you don’t hear from them, then it might be worth checking in to see if they’re still interested in your business. Only send one of these as no one wants to feel pressured. If you don't hear anything back after this one and it’s likely that they’ve found someone else to work with.

Thank you: It’s always a nice touch to say thank you to a customer but a video is really going the extra mile. It’s also a good opportunity to sow seeds for potential upsells in the future or talk about next steps, like referrals and feedback.

Once you’ve started using videos with a client, it’s important to stick with them throughout the full sales process. No one wants to feel as though you pulled out all the stops in the beginning but then swapped to basic emails once they’d become customers. Provide value and show willing at every single opportunity.

Lights, Camera, Action

When you’re making videos for your sales process, keep in mind that they don’t need to be Oscar-worthy. These aren’t marketing videos or ones you’ll use for paid adverts. They’re just an opportunity to check in with a prospect.

With that in mind, here are some tips for anyone who's a little camera-shy like me...

  • Show a little personality and loosen up. You aren’t presenting the six o’clock news in 1958. Don’t use a script and just speak naturally.

  • Don't be afraid of slipping up. It isn’t live so there’s no pressure. If you make a mistake, you can just start again. Having said that, don’t be afraid of keeping mistakes in. It shows you’re human.

  • Keep it short and sweet. Say what you have to say and then get out. No waffle.

  • Pick the right setting. Sat at your desk is fine or maybe somewhere in the office that has a nice background.

  • Make sure you’re easy to see and there aren’t lots of distractions. Now’s not the time to play around with innovative camera angles. 

  • Know that you don’t need state-of-the-art equipment to get started with sales videos. There are a number of free apps available that’ll do the job. You could even do them on your phone - perfect if you’re on the move that day.

  • Be personal. Refer to a prospect by name and make it almost conversational. A personal video is a far better tool than a long-winded email template.

That’s Sales Sorted, Where Else Can You Use Inbound Video?

Inbound video needs to be at the heart of your next marketing campaign. If you’ve never done it before, then we understand that change can be scary but the results really do speak for themselves.

To make sure you have everything you need before getting started with video, download our massive free guide. It’s packed with tips, tricks and advice to help you get to grips with inbound video.

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