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Internet Explorer goes missing but may leave a trace

Written by Jack Titley

23 | 03 | 15

1 minute read

Internet Explorer, the infamous Microsoft browser which has divided opinion for almost 20 years, is being put to bed and replaced.

Microsoft confirmed its new browser for later this year, code-named Project Spartan, will not use the familiar Internet Explorer name.

The computer giant’s Chris Capossela told a conference: "We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10." 

Internet Explorer truly did dominate the market once, it had in excess of one billion users but it just couldn’t compete when Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome exploded on to the stage with speedier tech and slicker design.

Microsoft is thought to be shelving the brand in its bid to shed “negative perceptions" slowly escalating since its launch with Windows 95.

The frustrating software is well known for being slow (as illustrated by one of the many IE jokes, one of which is below) and full of buggy security problems. Recently, the company has been more tempted towards a rebrand as its reputation needed rejuvenating.


We already know Windows 10 will feature a stripped down, slicker browser suited better for multiple devices.

Akqa chairman, Tom Bedecarre, explained that Internet Explorer was way past its sell-by date. “In the war of the future, which is mobile, they’re losing,” he told the Financial Times. “Nobody’s going to download Internet Explorer as their mobile browser.”

Despite the imminent change, a version of IE will be bundled with the next Windows launch as well as the Spartan browser, to aid companies that have developed software to work specifically with the browser.

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