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Flat design is a type of design emphasizing a minimalistic style.

The use of solid colours and clean typography. Since the release of Microsoft Windows 8 in 2012 there has been a steady increase in the use of flat design.

This was indeed a landmark moment for the increasingly popular trend, but what makes flat design so popular and how can you use flat design to help benefit you and your project? 

Less Is More

You’ve heard it before and you’ll no doubt hear it again, but this statement certainly rings true when it comes to this type of design. Instead of over complicated graphics and distracting illustrations, flat design draws the attention of the viewer to the content itself.

Flat Design on screen

Clean & Simple

Flat design is basically a minimalist design. The use of large elements with lots of white space means a design is less cluttered and easier to navigate around. The viewer is able to focus on one section at a time without being distracted.

Flat Design example use

Full Infographic

Check out the full infographic for a full breakdown of how Flat Design can benefit you and your project!

Flat Design NMC Logo Infographic

If you would like to make use of this wonderful graphic on your website, be our guest! Just copy & paste the link below!


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