Inbound influencers with Luke Staton: 3 steps to getting through uncertain times

From tips on staying motivated to advice on keeping in a routine, Luke Staton joins Mark Byrne to discuss the different steps to getting through uncertain times.

Inbound influencers with Luke Staton: 3 steps to getting through uncertain times
Written by Paul Mortimer
Digital marketing, HubSpot, Coronavirus marketing  |   1 minute read

We're living in challenging times. People are having to make some pretty big changes to the way they live their lives.

Working from home will be a tough transition for some people. Especially if it's something they've never had to do before. Others have the added pressure of looking after their kids whilst the schools are closed - this again could prove be difficult.

Whilst we all try to make our way through this uncertain period, it's important to remain positive. That's why our Director, Mark, recently hosted a webinar with Luke Staton, a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker who's worked with Digital 22 on many occasions.

During the webinar, Luke offers loads of advice on how people can come together and get through these tough times. From tips on cutting out the noise to ways that we can look out for others, this ones definitely worth watching when you've got some down time.

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