Inbound After Hours: January update, HubSpot features and more

Mark, Rikki, Andrew and Paul return for another episode of Inbound After Hours, discussing their January plans, HubSpot, video and loads more.

Inbound After Hours: January update, HubSpot features and more
Written by Raza Kazi
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Forget your A-Team and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. With 2020 in full swing and plenty of new marketing trends, tactics and HubSpot features to discuss already, you need an experienced and reliable four-man team to update you on all the exciting inbound marketing news. So, who you gonna call?

rikki mark andrew paul ghostbuster inbound after hours podcast

Rikki, Paul, Andrew and Mark, of course.

In this episode of Inbound After Hours, the gang are back together after a successful 2019 and have hit the ground running in 2020 with January already in the books.

Andrew was (kind of) suited and booted when he visited London at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall to deliver some exciting workshops to existing clients around automation, HubSpot, workflows and more.

Mark knuckled down in January to plan the Digital 22 team’s strategies for the year and begin executing them while Rikki has been on the road a lot, visiting prospects with Solutions Manager, Caroline.

Paul’s main focus in January was finalising his LOVE INBOUND talk on all things content length and was busy digging into all of that juicy data.

In the episode above, Paul also mentions a slight change in format for the Inbound After Hours podcast. The four of them will remain on the show but guests and interviews will be on the Inbound Influencers show. We’re also going to film engaging talks from all of our events so you can watch or listen to them in a podcast format - all under the Inbound After Hours umbrella.

For the main topics, the guys discuss YouTube’s organic reach outranking Wikipedia, the importance of video marketing, Mark’s successful (and forgotten) YouTube channel as well as HubSpot going for Marketo’s jugular with the new Enterprise features.

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