Inbound After Hours: Is hosting free events worth it? Plus; pies, takeaways and a LOVE INBOUND recap.

We ask, 'Is hosting a free event really worth it?' We also recap on LOVE INBOUND 2020, our favourite speakers from that event, our thoughts on the catering and why we host it.

Inbound After Hours: Is hosting free events worth it? Plus; pies, takeaways and a LOVE INBOUND recap.
Written by Paul Mortimer
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Well, LOVE INBOUND 2020 is in the can and Aleks is editing the footage and podcasts for you. As. We. Speak. Big thanks to everybody who turned out for our free marketing event, at the end of February. And massive shout out to all the amazing speakers who came from both sides of the Atlantic to deliver some amazing talks.

We thought we'd use this episode of Inbound After Hours to look into the merits of hosting free events for your own target audience. It's exactly the same principle as sharing eBooks under the original inbound methodology - giving knowledge away for free in order to engage and delight prospects. But it's like an eBook made by Bruce Banner that's been exposed to Gamma radiation and morphed into The Incredible eBook. Only, without the angriness, green skin and ripped clothing.

Just loads of happy in-house marketers, chatting shop and learning loads. And enjoying some lovely, locally produced pies. Watch the video or listen to the podcast to see how hosting free events can help you with your inbound marketing.

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