INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Innovative products and marketing during lockdown, HubSpot CMS and Mark’s dog 🐕.

Rikki, Mark and Paul look at how businesses are getting innovative during lockdown and Mark’s dog makes an appearance. Plus the HubSpot CMS.

INBOUND AFTER HOURS: Innovative products and marketing during lockdown, HubSpot CMS and Mark’s dog 🐕.
Written by Paul Mortimer
Inbound marketing, HubSpot, Inbound after hours  |   2 minute read

When times are hard, it forces us all to get innovative. Needs must and all that. So, for this episode of INBOUND AFTER HOURS, we take a look at what we can see are original ideas from companies trying to survive (or thrive) in a mid-pandemic world and what the lasting impacts may be. Plus, we touch on the brand new HubSpot CMS and the usual splashes of general chatter/nonsense.

Innovation we've spotted and like the look of:

  • Airbnb Online Experiences: I guess we caught this in beta when we recorded (sorry!), because this concept is brilliant. Obviously, nobody can travel and use an Airbnb, right now. So they've jumped on pushing online experiences. And they're getting better and better. Check them out here.
  • Children's entertainers: Random one but, shoutout to all your children's party hosts and entertainers who are providing online experiences now that they can't put a show on at your kid's 3rd birthday party. Genius. Hit them up via Facebook.
  • Basics at home: Gym equipment, bread makers and even frozen peas have seen sales skyrocket by 400%. Hopefully that's helping to positively impact a bunch of people in the supply chains for all those things.
  • Remote learning opportunities: Whilst your LinkedIn is probably filled with requests to attend webinars and some of them may be a bit ropey, there are some great remote learning opportunities out there to be had too. Whether it's events been repurposed to online or free entry to normally-paid online learning portals, educators in your sector are pivoting to still serve the market. Hats off.
  • Facebook Portal and Zoom: Have you ever spoken to your family over video call as much as you have in the past week? Good job the product guys at these kind of players are learning fast and keeping up with demand.

Ah, yeah, the small matter of the big, new HubSpot CMS.

We look at the way HubSpot is nailing the positioning and launch of their shiny new product.

  1. It fills a massive hole in the market.
  2. But they've understood now is not the time to shout about it to the world.

If you want to really find out more about the building, launching and marketing of the biggest HubSpot product launch to date, check out this other podcast with Luke Summerfield.

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