Improve Your Marketing Reach And Attract More Visitors

By improving your marketing reach you can attract more visitors and enjoy more sales.

Written by Mark Byrne
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If you want your business to grow and bring in more profit, you need to be willing to adapt and improve your marketing reach. But where do you even start? We have rounded up some quick tips for improving your marketing reach and how to attract more visitors overall.

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Define Your Personas

Who are your ideal customers? To make your marketing as effective as possible, you must get a better understanding of your audience by creating personas.

Buyer personas are detailed profiles of the different types of customers who engage with your business. These profiles can help you learn more about your customers so you can create strategies that interact with them on a personal level.

To create your personas, it's a good idea to ask your current customers to complete surveys so you can learn more about their motivations, buying habits, etc. Remember that not all of your customers are the same, and it's important to make clear distinctions to have effective personas.

Understanding who your buyer personas are, will help you create the right content and market it in the right way, therefore helping you to attract more visitors to your website.

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Identify Ideal Marketing Channels

There are so many channels you can use to market your business. The first step to identifying your ideal marketing channel is to measure your current efforts. Identify the channels you are using right now, and see if they are providing acceptable returns based on the time, budget and effort you have invested.

If they aren’t performing, try improving them or change altogether. Don’t waste time putting effort into the wrong channel. Remember that if you are not seeing any return, change!

Social media is useful for you to personally engage with potential customers online. There are other channels you can use, however, such as email marketing or more outbound methods like television and radio advertising. You need to use channels that are suitable for your business.

This is where your Buyer Personas come in, as certain channels are more appealing to some compared to others. Understanding your ideal customer and their behaviour is key to selecting the right channel.


Write Shareable Content

Content Fact:
Companies who blog recieve 97% more links to their website.


More people than ever are using the internet to get answers. Do you remember when people used to go to the library to do research? Now they can do it from work or in front of the television. Creating helpful content on your website can help bring more customers to your site when they are looking for specific information.

If you write excellent content, people will likely share it via social media and other channels. Create a blog on your website and write useful posts about your industry, you can be more than just a business, you can be a leading voice in your market sector.

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Use Images And Design Your Own


Picture-based posts have 600 times more engagement than
text-based messages on social platforms

People love images. They can encourage you to read more in a news article or cause a strong emotional response. Pictures can be used to tell a story and inform new customers about your business. Use images in your marketing and if you’re able to create your own original designs, share them on social media.
If people like your images, they are more likely visit your site. Studies have shown that visual information is processed 60,000x faster in the brain than images, therefore it's important to make sure you use images correctly to get your message across.

In a nutshell, when talking about you, your staff, your products and services or your offices for example, use real images. A good design agency will come and photograph you and your team. Agencies may even provide bespoke icons and illustrations, to better illustrate what your company is about.

images in graphic form as example of creativity


Be Optimised

As more people are using their mobiles to surf the web, you need to make sure your website is optimised for every device. That means tablets, too.

If your site is not mobile friendly, then potential customers might find your site hard to navigate and decide to look elsewhere. This will increase your overall bounce rate, as mobile visitors won't make it past the homepage of your website before they decide to check out your competitors.

You can find out if your site is optimised by opening it up on your smartphone or tablet and assessing it's functionality. If you are having issues, it is likely that it’s not mobile responsive, and you should seek advice from an expert as soon as possible.


Try New Partnerships

From your experience as a growing business, you have likely networked with other businesses that could work well in conjunction with your own. A partnership has many benefits and can help you increase your marketing reach to find new customers.

By improving your marketing reach, you can reach more customers and enjoy more sales. See which methods work best for your business and create an improved and effective marketing strategy now.

The hard work isn’t over yet, once you’ve attracted all of the right people to your website, you need to make sure they’re leaving their details or taking the action you want them to.

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