2019 HubSpot product announcements with Alexis Deuwel

At Digital 22’s Manchester HUG event, Alexis Deuwel revealed the new features HubSpot announced at INBOUND 19 conference in Boston.

Written by Raza Kazi
Manchester HUG |   3 minute read

At the final Manchester HUG event of 2019, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot, Alexis Deuwel, touched on all the amazing updates HubSpot revealed at INBOUND 19 in Boston. This year was less about new products and more about optimising your experience on the platform, so check out Alexis’ full talk below to find out about the new updates.

Manchester HUG - 6th November 2019 Slides

Oh, and I definitely recommend sticking around to the end of the video. There’s a great Q&A session with some great questions asked from the attendees. You never know, Alexis might just have answered a burning question you had on your mind.


Making it easier…

The more your business succeeds, the more complicated things can get. It’s mainly because you have more tools to manage and more people to coordinate, so there’s little room for error. Instead, it’s time to strip it back and focus on the tools that empower your team to grow.

Here are some of the updates Alexis highlighted:

  • Contact and Company De-Duplication: Duplicate data can be annoying and finding duplicates can be a ballache itself. HubSpot has built a tool which uses AI to find duplicate contacts and companies for you.
  • Drag and Drop Emails: No more coding. No more roping your designers in. You can now create slick emails in minutes with pre-made templates. Alexis actually reckons it could reduce the time you originally spent creating emails by 50%.

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Then there’s the knowledge base editor so you can really make it your own and some great sales automation updates which allow you to remove any friction. Make sure to check out the talk for a more in-depth explanation from Alexis.

Helping you scale faster

It’s pretty simple. As companies scale, it’s harder for different teams to work together. To stop growth from slowing down, HubSpot has loads of new enhancements and integrations. These will allow you to have a shared view of the customer while maintaining a single view. 

Here are a few more things HubSpot revealed at INBOUND 19 and what Alexis shared at the Manchester HUG.

  • App Marketplace: It’s recommended that you spend a fair bit of time in here. It’s quicker and easier to find hundreds of integrations, so it’s a good idea to see what’s on offer to help improve the customer experience.
  • FB Messenger With Chatflows: With Messenger now in Conversations, you can meet buyers where they are. It means you can build stronger relationships, have more personal conversations and remove friction from the customer experience.
  • Advocacy Automation: Now live in Service Hub, these are new workflows which trigger customer outreach based on survey data. This should help any detractors and empower promoters.
  • Chatbot Improvements: Only half of the room at the Manchester HUG said they used chatbots on their website. It’s actually something everyone should use as HubSpot has released a couple of beta features to help you grow your conversational strategy so you can grow better. 

But if there’s one key takeaway from a feature that you should probably check out, Alexis said it was Attribution Reporting. As marketers, you need to understand where leads are coming from and the path they’ve taken. Multi-touch attribution reports offer several models to demonstrate their results so you can optimise future campaigns.

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Be sure to check out Alexis’ talk at the top of this blog to get a much better understanding of this new feature.

Working on a tight budget

HubSpot announced some pricing changes at INBOUND 19 and Alexis updated everyone in the room on some new features these changes will bring. Some of these are perfect if you’re working on a tight budget.

  • Marketing Starter: Some new features include landing pages and kickback emails to help you grow better.
  • Free Emails: Create, personalise and optimise your marketing emails without waiting around for your designers or the IT team.
  • Free Ads: Use the CRM and web analytics data to inform your ad campaigns and see exactly which ads have turned prospects into loyal customers.

That’s a really quick run-through of the updates Alexis informed the Manchester HUG audience of. For more in-depth explanations, check out the video above and because he’s extra nice, he’s also thrown in some additional resources you might find useful.

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Just download the slides at the top of this blog to get access to them.

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