Inbound After Hours with Dave Gerhardt: How to do great B2B podcasting and marketing like an actual person

Dave Gerhardt is the guest and he’s exploring how to nail B2B podcasting and marketing. Clue: just be a normal person. But he shares plenty of amazing tips too.

Inbound After Hours with Dave Gerhardt: How to do great B2B podcasting and marketing like an actual person
Written by Paul Mortimer
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I’m not sure what my favourite bit about doing this podcast was. Beforehand, being a massive fan of Drift’s marketing and the Seeking Wisdom podcast in particular, I was pretty giddy to be chatting to DG on our own show. On the day, on- and off-camera he was properly sound and enjoyable to chat with. Then, listening to the edit, he delivers class knowledge in a friendly and easy-to-understand way.

Yeah, very pleased with this one.

He also described Rikki and me as “a couple of crazy guys from the UK.” Which is nice.


In this show, Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, gives us a deep dive into how to do great B2B podcasting and marketing. Last year, Seeking Wisdom was probably the most listened to and talked about podcast here at Digital 22.

So we asked DG to explain how they make it so effective.

He also shared loads of insights on how to do better B2B marketing generally, how he learns and plenty of resources to get stuck into, that he enjoys himself. And below are some podcasts and books he recommended.


Show notes and some stuff DG recommended:

  • Anchor (A great app for recording simple podcasts straight onto your iPhone).

The full transcript of the episode is below.

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The transcript:

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