How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website - 5 Super Simple Methods

So, you want to attract more visitors to your website? Here are a few techniques you can use to increase the number of people to your site today.

Written by Lindsay Clayton
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How To Attract Visitors To Your Website
- 5 Super Simple But Effective Methods

You have created a brand new website and you’re sat waiting for visitors to come, but you might be disappointed. Launching a website doesn’t mean your website will attract more visitors. You need to help people find you by increasing your site’s visibility.

So, do you want to attract more visitors to your website? Of course you do. Here are a few techniques you can use to increase the number of people to your site today:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how you can increase the visibility of your website in search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc). To attract more visitors to your website you need to get high search rankings so this is where SEO comes in.

“At least 75% of users don’t bother looking past page one. If you’re not ranked within the first two pages you are losing out on over 50% of the traffic and potential new business.”

- SEO Services San Francisco


Most people will only look on the first page of search results (it's said that "the best place to bury a body is page 2 of search results") after making a query so it’s important to increase your rankings. There are many ways you can improve the SEO of your site and here is how you can get started:

1. Fill out the Meta Tags on all your pages -

Your Meta Titles and Descriptions should explain what is on each page to help search engines understand what your website is about.

TOP TIP - If you have a Content Management System website such as Wordpress you can install a SEO plugin to make it easier!

meta example

2. Keyword research - 

Keywords are vital for search engine optimisation, and sites such as Google finding your webpage. Discover which keywords best describe your company and consider what keywords your competitors are using. You can try to outcompete them for the same keywords or perhaps try and see what words and phrases they have failed to use.

TOP TIP - The keywords you want to be ranked for in search engines need to be used in the content on your site’s pages. Use can use Google Keyword Research Tool

3. Increase Domain Authority (DA) -

Domain authority is a rating that measures the strength of your domain name. You can increase your DA by getting more people to visit your site, adding more relevant content and watching your domain age naturally.

  • Get more relevant links to your website 

  • Get rid of bad links, leading on to... 

4. Linking -

Getting websites with a high domain authority to link to your website has many benefits to how search engines look at your site and increases your domain authority.


Advertising helps you attract visitors to your site by creating paid clickable ads that direct people straight to you. If you use PPC (Pay Per Click) with a search engine like Google, you can use Google Adwords to choose keyword phrases relevant to your site and services. When someone types that specific keyword into Google, your ad will appear and when a visitor clicks on your ad they will be directed to your website.

PPC is a helpful tool for getting started with your online marketing. It takes time for your site pages to appear and rise in search engine rankings so with PPC you can steam ahead and help people find you. We advise that you get help from a certified agency, if you don’t know what you’re doing then your bill will quickly rack up.

Social media

You either love it or you hate it but either way you need it. Social media is helpful for getting new visitors to your website and creating a conversation with potential customers when they are not sat on your site.

Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and any other social platforms that are relevant to your site. Use your accounts regularly to share new blog posts and promote your business to help people see you. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on other business pages!

If you have a new website, social media can be immeasurably beneficial in bringing new people to your homepage.

Guest blogging

By guest blogging, you can help get traffic back to your website.

Find relevant blogs that write about similar topics to you and contact the owner to ask if you can write a blog post for them. If they accept, you can get a blog written and posted on someone else’s website. If their readers like your work, they may be intrigued to come over and check out what you have to offer on your website.

There are many benefits to connecting with other bloggers in your niche and they can offer advice on how to attract audiences to you.

guest blogger notebook of ideas

Offer value

If your site is filled with valuable information, visitors will most likely:

1 Return - to your site in the future

2 Share - your services and content to other people

People want relevant and helpful content to make them want to return to you. They will share it, if they think it will be helpful to other people. You can create valuable content by making it as original as possible and answering questions that are related to the industry your website is in.

There are many ways you can get started today to get people to your website. It’s a shame to spend so much money on getting a good lookin’ site to fail to attract anyone to see it.

And what’s great about most of these options is, you get to make a start yourself. Even though you have to pay for PPC you can control your spend to make your marketing as cost effective as possible.

To find out more about SEO, click the link below. 

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