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Google test the resolve of mobile-friendly tags in Adwords

Written by Jack Titley

30 | 04 | 15

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1 minute read

Last week saw the launch of Google’s Mobile-Friendly update within organic search results, and now tech experts have come across a mobile-friendly tag within paid search results via AdWords.

The example occurred regarding a query on Google Canada, and looks quite similar to the mobile-friendly tag within organic search.


In future this could result in the mobile-friendly test being used as a quality score metric and therefore give companies a bidding boost (if they have a mobile-friendly website).

Google, however, have confirmed that this isn’t happening at the moment and they’re merely testing at this stage (without any impact on Quality Score).

Using mobile-friendly tags in Adwords would be the logical next step, therefore we assume it will only be a matter of time before this is rolled out. So if you needed another reason to invest in a mobile-friendly website, this could be it!