Google Offering A "Make This Mobile Friendly" Option

Google offering a make this mobile friendly option is great but don't get caught out...

Written by Paul Mortimer
SEO |   1 minute read

What was once a potential SEO opportunity is now a service offered to users by Google. But you shouldn't just rely on Google offering a "Make This Mobile Friendly" option to optimise your pages for mobile devices on your behalf.


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The SEM Post picked up Joy Hawkin's sharing on Twitter that Chrome on Android devices had started offering this service. If the page you are viewing is not mobile friendly, then your browser will offer the option to make it more friendly for viewing on your device.

This is a great thing for users, especially seeing as Google had previously removed the mobile friendly tag from mobile search results. This meant that, whilst viewing results on the SERP, it was impossible to know whether the page you were heading to would be mobile friendly.

Granted, they took this decision to remove the tag because so many sites are now mobile friendly, but still, some sites aren't and it can be a pain to scroll sideways to catch all the content before having to return back to the left when scrolling down.


Get Fully Mobile Optimised

If you rely on Chrome's "Make This Mobile Friendly" option, you could see your contact and conversion gathering features lose their effect. CTA design, placement and effectiveness could all take a hit too.

You see this happen if you rely on basic AMP converters, for example.

Instead, make sure that your pages are fully mobile optimised in order to preserve your efforts and make sure that you offer the best UX and have the best chance of nurturing your viewers into conversions.

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