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Google Make It Clear: Mobile Friendly Is A Must For SEO

Written by Jack Titley

04 | 03 | 15

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Currently, Google uses a label to highlight sites which are "mobile-friendly" while searching from a mobile device but from April 21st they're taking it a step further.

When it comes to searching on mobile devices, users not only expect the most relevant and current results, but they also want it in a format which is easy to read and on a site which is easy to use on their device.

As you can see below we updated our website to be mobile responsive in the Autumn of 2014...


This week Google announced two big changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:

Mobile-friendly as a ranking factor

Google will broaden use of mobile-friendliness by using it as a ranking signal, rather than a label, from April 21st. This will affect mobile searches worldwide and will have a huge impact in the search results.

The impact to the searchers should be they will find it easier to get quality assured and relevant search results that are device optimised, without having to check the label first.

Not sure if you site is mobile friendly or not? To check, just follow this link https://www.google.co.uk/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ and pop in your URL.

If you see a green banner with the words "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly", as we have as shown below, you can put your feet up and watch your non-mobile friendly competitors drop in the search results.


App Indexing

From this week, Google will start using info from indexed apps as a ranking factor for signed-in users who have installed the app. As a result, Google will surface content from indexed apps more prominently in future search.

Again, this is a step towards ensuring content is fit for the device when a user searches.

We would recommend your business seriously considers making your website mobile friendly, for most websites we feel responsive design is the way to do this but a full mobile site will also feel the benefit. We recommend doing this now because mobile accounts for at least 45% of search traffic for our clients and to lose rankings on all mobile searches would result in a considerable drop in leads and revenue.

While you are considering changing your site to ensure it is mobile friendly why not read our free eBook on SEO myths so you can make other positive SEO changes at the same time...

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