Get to know CRM and why it will revolutionise your sales growth

What is CRM? Read our blog to find out how CRM can revolutionise your sales growth today.

Written by Andrew Thomas
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What is CRM? When searching for a reliable, effective and time-saving strategy to grow your sales - to put it simply, all roads lead to CRM. But what is CRM and why do we believe it will revolutionise your sales growth?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the process of strategically managing relationships and interactions with customers. The idea being that by recording, tracking and analysing key interactions with these potential customers, a business will be able to market more efficiently and sales outreach will be contextualised, increasing your conversion rate.

Think of it as a super-slick central hub for sticking all the post-it notes about leads you would normally have stuck on your desk.

post-it notes

CRM software organises these electronic post-it notes, updates them automatically and even creates new post-it notes for you for things you never even knew you could track! This saves countless minutes and reduces any effort to a minimum so you can focus on being a better salesman or marketer rather than a note taker. 

Why it's so important

CRM is important because it tracks every part of the sales process, not just the beginning and end. This is key to your growth as highlighting all interaction points and their strengths and weaknesses will build a better strategy.

Every online and offline interaction can be recorded and tracked, such as:

  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • Social Media comments, likes, retweets
  • Meeting logs
  • Content Downloads
  • Manually entered notes by the salesperson or marketer

Storing these by customer, in one location will dramatically increase your businesses marketing and sales efficiency. Having a top-down view of the whole process to look back on historically will allow you and your team to evaluate what worked, what didn't work and what needs to change. A CRM system won't just tell you where your going wrong, it will give you a clear message of what you should be doing to make things right.

Sales-centric software

CRM couldn't be more useful than in a sales environment. The sales team can use a CRM system to log their calls and enter research data on key leads that can be easily shared within the business. Lead behaviour can be tracked and all interactions observed, which will assist in creating a tailored sales approach that benefits both the seller and the individual being sold to.

By using a CRM system to it's full potential, you won't waste time cold-calling potential leads, calls will be turbo charged with contextual research and understanding of the individual on the other end of the phone. This means calls will be short, efficient and lucrative. Your call list will be packed with people actually waiting for your call. 

Electrify your marketing

Whilst it's clear that sales and CRM systems go hand in hand, marketers can also use it to give clarity to the stream of prospects visiting a site. Knowing how your prospects interact with the content produced is invaluable and will direct the content produced in the future.  

Keeping track of responses and seeing how customers feel will drive improvements in your offering, which will in turn attract more potential customers!

Once the behaviour patterns, buying habits and interaction preferences of customers are revealed, you will be able to segment your market and develop customer persona's.

segmented sweets

Persona's are semi-fictional characters based on your ideal customer and when focusing on marketing to specific persona's, you will remove the necessity to create diluted content that pleases everyone. Once you begin to send out specific, relevant content to those who want to read at a time you know they are receptive, your conversion rates will snowball and strangers will become loyal customers.

Personas are one of the cornerstones of Inbound Marketing, a service we offer which uses CRM automation along with the techniques outlined in the Inbound Methodology to attract strangers, convert them to customers and finally turn these customers into evangelical promoters of your business.

Take back your time

We've mentioned the automatic nature of a good CRM system a fair few times already in this blog but this point needs to be driven home. The amount of data collected is immense, and trying to manually input this will eat into the time you have to speak with your customers.


We think that salespeople should be left to sell, and marketers left to generate remarkable content, don't you?

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