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Wednesday 29th March saw the first Manchester HubSpot User Group of 2017 and we once again hosted it at the ever popular Ziferblat on Edge Street, Manchester.

We had a great turnout of very engaged and helpful HubSpot users, with a mix of agencies and in-house marketing staff, all wanting to improve their inbound marketing. It was great to see a few familiar faces and welcome some new additions too - including another visitor who attended from London, especially for the meet-up.

This first HUG of 2017 focused on paid channels; how to incorporate these into your inbound efforts and how to make the most of paid ads in inbound marketing.

Here's a run through each of the talks and discussions, which follows our first Live Tweet on the night (check the thread) and some Instagram shots.

Aligning The Inbound Methodology With The Paid Google Suite

After the introductions and the giving away of a free Amazon Echo, Rikki kicked off proceedings with a talk titled "Aligning The Inbound Methodology With The Paid Google Suite."

Key takeaways included:

  • Remember to keep your ads inbound friendly. If they meet two out of three criteria for what makes content "inbound", they can be classed as inbound-y.
  • Always remember to use Ad extensions because they contribute to a better Ad Rank score.
  • Many people who struggle with AdWords do so because they use Broad Match and Negative Keywords only. You can't rely on just these.

And this talk included a proactive discussion on Quality Score, Keywords and PPC tactics generally.

An Open Discussion On Social Media Ads

Talk number two was led by Andrew and he led the group through an open discussion on Social Media Ads and how to use them within an inbound campaign.

With data provided by Andrew from our own efforts here at Digital 22 for our various clients used as follow-up evidence, there were some useful insights shared by everyone in attendance about the respective merits of each individual social platform.

The consensus was that LinkedIn is expensive for how many clicks are achieved, but the quality of leads is better. One user at the HUG said that Twitter was once used with the same tactics as Facebook, but with disastrous results. The moral being, be sure to optimise the platform in every respect.

Speaking of Facebook, after a lot of tweaking (usually 10+ efforts), people are getting a lot of success with ads on Facebook via specific targeting. The fact the platform has such a thorough data set can be a double edged sword.

Q&A Session

The final discussion of the night was a productive and honest chat about HubSpot. Intricacies, bugs, tips and experiences were shared by everyone in the room at one point or another.

This was particularly useful because there was a real sense of cooperation and teamwork amongst all the attendees. This was great to see.

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Attend The Next Event

If you'd like to attend the next Manchester HUG - it's free and open to absolutely anybody who wants to find out more about HubSpot - sign up here.

For the first time, the next Manchester HUG will take place during office hours. All previous meet-ups have taken place straight after work, but following feedback from attendees and would-be-attendees, there has been a call for at least one event to take place during regular office hours.

The next event, in May, will start at 10:00am and be finished for lunch time. We thought this was the best time as you can still avoid rush-hour traffic if driving into Manchester city centre, but can still be back in the office for after lunch.

Here's the schedule:


Wednesday 10th May, 10.00am - 12.30pm


Ziferblat, 1st Floor, 23 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HW


10:00 - Registration

10:30 - The Inbound Sales Methodology (with HubSpot speaker)

11:00 - The HubSpot CRM and Sales Pro

11:30 - Aligning Your Sales And Marketing Teams

12:00 - Q&A; Your Questions Answered


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