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We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Video or Animation' Award at the 2016 Digital Entrepreneur Awards!

Since there are so many great videos and animations produced across the nation, we can’t help feeling a little (a lot) chuffed that we’ve been shortlisted, from thousands of agencies across the UK to just 7 finalists, for our project for UKCES GOV.UK, a Government organisation in charge of Employment and Skills.


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The Digital Entrepreneur Awards are the only national awards that are dedicated to rewarding online entrepreneurialism and innovation, and recognise entrepreneurs from across the country who have achieved online excellence in their businesses. They celebrate not only high-profile leaders driving online commerce, but also those who develop systems to sculpt and change the digital future.

What's This Award About?

The Most Innovative Use of Video or Animation award is potentially the most creative of the awards, which is why (without wanting to sound like show-offs) we’re perfect for it. It’s a national competition, and we’ve been shortlisted to the final 7 in the category (which is pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves).

The judges are looking for an online video or animation that’s innovative, with both personality and function sitting at the heart of business strategy and development. They are seeking out talented film teams and animators whose work connects with their audiences in a way that nobody else’s does. 

Our Project

As you can see, our project does exactly that. You’ve undoubtedly visited GOV.UK at some point? Sure, it’s an informative website and is full of information, but is it engaging and interesting to look at? Definitely not. When we were asked by GOV.UK to create a 90 second video about (NOS) National Occupational Standards, we were only hoping that we could inject some personality and creativity into it. Thankfully, we were asked to create an animation that needed to ‘make some noise’ and ‘grab people’s attention’.

Explicitly, the aim of the project was to support a communication campaign to get employers (primarily) and employees (secondarily) interested in National Occupational Standards - specifically how they could use NOS and how NOS could benefit them and their company. The issues that were to be discussed in the animation were ones that were often overlooked by both employers and employees; our job was to ensure that the animation was quirky and engaging, but still informative and functional.

How Did We Do It?

To successfully do this, we developed characters that would be appealing to a large target audience, while being relatable to both an employer and an employee. We created a split screen animation to show the two characters, Sam and Alex, in the same scenarios, but Sam makes subtle changes which lead to his day being more successful. This enables the viewer to see how small changes can actually make a big difference. We played around with flat design to ensure that the design wasn’t excessively elaborate or distracting, as viewers needed to be able to focus on both stories at the same time.


The final animation uses similar characters with minor differences and similar colour schemes but with slightly different tones, allowing the viewer to be able to notice the differences without having the message drilled into them. The animation is lighthearted and fun, covering small issues that are easy to resolve, with humour added wherever possible (such as adding salt to the coffee).

Thank You!

Worlds away from a typical GOV.UK business strategy, this unique style went down brilliantly with the GOV.UK audience and achieved amazing results. As a company, we don’t just aim to stay ahead of our competition; we aim to offer the very best possible service to our clients.

Thank you to the Digital Entrepreneur Awards judges for shortlisting us to the final 7; being shortlisted for such a prestigious award is a huge honour and we’ll continue to aspire for greatness through 2016.

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