Equip your front office teams with better payment data using HubSpot Payments

Providing your team with the information they need to create better customer experience is important across all areas of your business, but did you know that includes payment data too? HubSpot Payments is here to help.

Equip your front office teams with better payment data using HubSpot Payments
Written by Emily Yates
HubSpot  |   2 minute read

There are so many things that business leaders need to consider, but if you can get the basics right, there is often a team of people there to support with the shared mission to make sure you hit your goals and targets, while offering fresh ideas to help drive sustained growth.

Providing your team with the information they need to create a better customer experience is important in achieving these aims. For a long time it’s been easier to provide that improved experience in some areas than others,  and it could be done simply by looking at which content users are interacting with or when they last visited a key page and incorporating the findings into your content strategy. But one of the areas in which this has been especially challenging is B2B payment data.

Up to now, payments have often relied on tech and software that’s not linked to the CRM, giving business owners only half of the picture. But that doesn’t need to be the case anymore. 

HubSpot has the solution. With the introduction of HubSpot payments, businesses can not only take advantage of additional revenue streams, but the entire team can now access the information they need to provide a better experience to your customers. 

HubSpot’s new development recognises that understanding the context behind requests is really important. Often when systems aren’t linked, if a user makes a purchase, your team won’t know the details of that purchase, so when the user later requests help, the team is left on the back foot when it comes to dealing with the request.

Imagine providing your team with the information they need, and the benefits that would come with that:  

  • Time saved - If your team knows which product/service has been purchased from payment data, they can then get to the solutions quicker for the customer, freeing them up to help more people, and ultimately leading to a better customer experience. 
  • Identify trends - If your team is getting regular requests for the same issues, you can be sure the customers making those requests are not the only ones experiencing those issues. With access to the payment data, your front office teams can pre-empt and answer these questions quickly as soon as they crop up, and may even be able to make changes to the way things run in order to prevent the same issues from recurring. . The sales team can also make use of this information to help educate leads, resulting in happy customers that always have exactly what they need.
  • Targeted contact - Being able to group people with similar interests into lists means that you can deliver personalised marketing, and tailor the content so that it’s centred around messaging and topics that they really care about. You might choose to  share product updates to people who own or have shown an interest in that particular product, or offer hints and tips that will give added value to their experience with your brand.

If you want to improve your customer experience by using HubSpot, you can always reach out to us to find out how to do that.

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