Epic Call To Action Examples You Need To Use

Check out these outstanding call to action examples to learn from in order to drive up the number of conversions from your site's visitors.

Written by Callum Thompson
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CTA Blog Title Example

Having answered "What is a call to action?" in an earlier blog post, we are now going to look at some theory and examples of best practice. Hopefully you will be inspired by these epic CTA examples and implement what's so good about them onto your own pages.  

If you want to optimise the conversion rate of your website then you need excellent CTAs on your site. Call-to-actions prompt online visitors to make a specific action. For example: “Buy Now” and “Shop Now” are examples of call-to-actions, but you need to be better than that if you want to beat your competitors and have a high conversion rate on your site.  

Creating persuasive CTAs will boost your conversion and your website will naturally convert visitors into customers. Once your site can naturally convert people into customers, you can focus your attentions on other marketing strategies to get even more traffic.

Before we jump ahead of ourselves, have a look at these epic call-to-action examples and get inspired to create your own epic CTA:

The Call Is Loud And Clear On Dropbox, Is Yours?

As a user of Dropbox, I can testify that I've been suckered in by their very persuasive tricks. The logo invites you to drop some files into that welcoming, open, little blue box where they'll be safe and sound. When you first visit their site, you can see an enormous amount of white space. There is nothing really going on - other than whatever is going on if you sign up.

Those blue 'sign up now' boxes stand out like a beacon of cloud storage in a sea of cluttered desktops.

Note how the CTA button(s) are located in a prominent position on the right, but the justification continues below the fold. There's also a less prominent "Dropbox for business" CTA in the banner on the left. The more widely appealing free option takes centre stage.

CTA on dropbox


Take Users Where YOU Want To Like Pact Coffee

The whole interface of this great website by Pact Coffee hinges on the use of CTAs - and CTAs only. Once the user chooses to enter the site properly, they are permanently forced to make a decision by answering a question. Their answer determines which page they end up heading to next.

This chain of CTAs takes users towards purchasing coffee which the site has worked out they will love. This means their users have invested some thought and dedication to get that far so are probably going to go on and make a purchase.There is nothing else going on during a CTA until the user arrives at their destination; where they are asked to become a customer.

Users are made to feel, if they have come so far - not that it is an effort to do so - that they might as well pay to carry on their enjoyable journey. Very clever.

CTA on Pact Coffee


Get Everybody Looking At Your CTA Like PayPal

Here's a great example of using what surrounds or sits behind the CTA to make the CTA itself more effective. PayPal's homepage features carefully chosen images which lead the user's eye towards the desired goal of downloading the app. The washed out filter on the image also appeals to their core demographic of millennials or younger - who are also pictured - and helps the brilliant blue button to stand out further.

CTA on paypal

Follow Muzli's Bold Colours And Social Proof

Wandering around Muzli is like exploring a rabbit warren of impressive design. Before you get into that though, they make it blatant and clear what action they want you to take. The CTA button stands out in on-brand pink against lots of white negative space. Distracting snippets and examples of what is in store are largely below the fold, but enough are on show to draw the interest of the undecided. And the number of social shares in the banner are secondary proof that hitting that CTA is the right thing to do. 

CTA on muzli 

Call All Audiences To Action Like Nike

Depending on how close users are to purchasing obviously changes how they want to use your website. Here, Nike are following the clear visibility principles shown by PayPal with the CTA buttons being ultra-simple on a busy image (that also changes every 5-6 seconds) and offer two equal options; 'shop now' or 'find out more (and then be ready to shop when we ask you again in a minute)'.

Navigation bars and other CTAs dotted around are clear and simple, making use of plenty of negative space, as did Dropbox. This means that people who are having a browse and in want of inspiration, can follow the aforementioned lead CTA, but people who are after a specific product can head where they like by filtering the site down via gender.

CTA on nike

No pressure sign up is the way to go!

This is one of the best call-to-action examples out there.

With a slogan like “Watch anywhere. Cancel at any time.” It’s so nonchalant there’s no pressure to sign up. But with all those films and programmes on show, it’s a strong temptation you cannot refuse.

Against the dark background, the red CTA stands out. The “Join Free for a Month” is short and not overly committal too.

CTA on netflix

Sleek design for clear explanation

How often does your grammar or your spelling let you down? Especially when writing a formal email. Grammarly’s app finds your errors and tells you the answer so you can avoid embarrassing yourself.

Their CTA gets straight to the point and shows how the app works. The sleek design makes it a smart looking tool.

The fact that it’s free to add to Chrome means it’s an easy add-on - in fact, we here at New Media like to keep our spelling and grammar in check with this brilliant tool.

CTA on grammarly

Interactivity to add depth to your CTA

At first glance, Canva’s call-to-action looks pretty plain, which is a shame for a design software.

However as you move your mouse around, you’ll discover it temporarily clears away some of the dullness so you can see the incredible templates behind it.

The interactive option is an incredible feature that keeps the online visitor on the page for longer, which is proven to help increase overall conversion.

CTA on canva  

No pressure sign up is the way to go!

Fancy getting a surprise monthly crate of goodies? Loot Crate engages with our inner child and sends monthly geeky and gamer merchandise. Each month it’s about a completely different theme, so it’s always a surprise.

This CTA gives you the chance to choose which type of Crate you want. Do you want a simple gamer crate or would you just prefer anime? The online visitor can choose on the CTA without having to navigate through the entire site to pick their preference. It's so easy.

Giving the user a choice makes any online experience more personal, and therefore they will be more inclined to use your products/services. 

CTA on loot crate

Use these incredible CTA examples to create your own. Make sure to think about your target audience, your call-to-action needs to engage with them.

This is just one shortcut tool to make sure your inbound marketing is as effective as it should be. In order to get the most from your efforts, make sure you are using all the right tools.

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