Inbound After Hours: Diversity and inclusion in marketing (S04 Ep08)

In our latest Inbound After Hours, Rikki is joined by Azeem to discuss all things diversity and inclusion in marketing.

Inbound After Hours: Diversity and inclusion in marketing (S04 Ep08)
Written by Ryan Johnson
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In the latest Inbound After Hours podcast, Avidly CMO, Rikki, is joined by Digital Marketing Consultant, Azeem Digital, to discuss diversity and inclusion in marketing. Azeem provides expert tips on how people can be better allies to marketers from all backgrounds.

Azeem has spent several years researching diversity within the marketing sector and has polled the industry anonymously to support his work with data. In this episode, Azeem shares the results of his findings and outlines actions the marketing industry can take to move towards fixing these issues.

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Diversifying marketing events

Are marketing events inclusive enough? If not, what steps can be taken towards making them more diverse? During the podcast, Azeem discusses events in the marketing sector and the lack of diversity he’s noticed when attending them.

He campaigns for people to make way for diversity at these events and outlines some steps organisers can take.

Azeem stresses in the episode that the issue isn’t specific to one event or one organiser — he’s noticed an industry-wide pattern he wants to address. He references real-life scenarios and how he has related his experiences to his research.


Azeem's research

Azeem has been conducting research on the topic for several years and details some eye-opening findings.

For example, his survey found that 6 in 10 people in the industry felt their ethnic background impacted their career or career opportunities. This is eye-opening and emphasises the importance of Azeem’s research.

He also discusses guests he’s had on his own podcast and how his personal experiences have shaped his life. His stories are a great insight into what’s happening now in marketing — and why there needs to be change.


Does marketing need a mindset shift?

It can be uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable can be vital if we reach the correct conclusion. This is one of the key takeaways from the podcast and one of many valuable pieces of advice Azeem passes on.

He provides a really interesting perspective on his personal career experiences and why the general mindset towards inclusion in marketing needs to change. In this episode, Azeem also outlines some ideas for the industry and how marketing can change hiring processes for the better.

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