Digital 22 launches Inbound University

Learning is so important. That's why we’ve created Inbound University to provide you with step-by-step courses for everything inbound-related.

Digital 22 launches Inbound University
Written by Emily Yates
Inbound U  |   1 minute read

When you work in marketing, it’s important you never stop learning. I know the same can be said for most industries but with marketing, if you miss the latest trend or new functionality, there’s every chance your competitors could get a big old advantage over you.

That’s why we’ve created Inbound University to provide you with step-by-step courses for everything inbound-related.

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If you’re not learning, you can’t progress. It’s simple (but also kind of cliched). 

So what learning can you do? 

There are loads of ways you can stay up to date. 

You can read the latest books by marketing experts, listen to podcasts, attend events and conferences, watch webinars and follow industry leaders on social media. We’ve got a blog about all those ways and it’ll go into more detail about how each one can help you stay in the know.

There’s even the HubSpot Academy, which we also think is great, but there’s always been a gap for teaching you how to do certain marketing activities. 

Welcome Inbound University

The Inbound University (Inbound U for short) has been set up to help you learn how to fast track your marketing success from the experts who have been there and done it successfully. 

Our mission has always been to help you grow, learn and enjoy your HubSpot experience. The HubSpot Academy is amazing for teaching you the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of inbound. They explain all the theory and the methodologies are explained by experts. 

When you’ve learnt all this, Inbound U then steps in to teach you the ‘how’. Via Inbound U, we can pass on that knowledge and expertise to you to fast track your success.

Ready to learn?

If you’re ready to learn more about the ‘how’ of inbound marketing and make sure you’re implementing your activities correctly, then Inbound U is the place to be. The modules have been shaped by some of the occasional mistakes we've made over the years to ensure you always take the right course of action.

Benefit from our knowledge and experience and choose the course that's most relevant to your topic of interest. Sign up, work through the modules taught by specialists and ensure your next inbound marketing campaign is a success. 

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