Digital 22 launches HubSprints.

Digital 22 is bringing you HubSprints, a pay-as-you-go platform to help support your business with those one-off tasks.

Digital 22 launches HubSprints.
Written by Emily Yates
HubSprints  |   1 minute read

As you set your goals and targets, it’s normal to see one or two tasks you either never get around to or you don’t know where to begin. You know it’s important, but you just need some support with it.

hubsprints by digital 22

That’s why we’re bringing you HubSprints. A pay-as-you-go HubSpot task and projects platform to help support your business achieve its goals. 

As a Diamond HubSpot partner, we offer a variety of services, but we know that sometimes you don’t need a retainer or even a large scale project. You just need help on the small scale items that make a big difference. 

How does it work?

Well, everything is done online; task creation, briefing, payment and speaking with your expert. So, you can work anytime you like and get the fastest service - while also ticking off that task that’s been on your to-do list for a long time. 

We’ve put together our most popular requests to create predefined tasks and projects. This means you can see the pricing and availability instantly. If it's on the site, it means we've checked our capacity and we can perform the task in the time frame stated on the item. 

Simply browse the tasks by selecting the category you need support with, find the item you want, checkout and we'll get started.

We’ve put together this graph to help you better understand the process.

graph of hubsprints projects

Ready to get that task ticked off your list?

No matter how you chose to start working with us, an expert within Digital 22 will always be assigned to your task. The person assigned to your task will reach out to you to clarify everything before they start working, so you can be sure we'll hit the brief and the quality of work will be of the highest standard.

If you're ready to get going, click the link below and you can choose the task you need support on.

Choose your task