Digital 22 Is Now A Platinum HubSpot Partner

Digital 22 has become a platinum HubSpot partner. We're one of three agencies to be awarded this status. See how our agency can benefit you & your business.

Digital 22 Is Now A Platinum HubSpot Partner
Written by Stephanie Barnes
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We've got some big news over here. Digital 22 has been awarded with Platinum status by HubSpot!


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As a HubSpot certified agency, we've been growing year-on-year and attracting clients from across the UK, Europe and USA. For the fourth year in a row, we've grown close to 100%. 

And, this year, we've become a Platinum HubSpot Partner.


We are the first, and only, HubSpot agency with Platinum status in the North of England.

In the UK, we're one of three Platinum agencies in the whole country. 

Inbound marketing is still in the early stages in the UK and we're excited to be one of the leading inbound agencies.


What does it mean to be a Platinum HubSpot partner?

HubSpot runs a partner programme with agencies across the globe. As agencies grow, attract customers and deliver successful results, their partner status is upgraded.





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Our ambitious team at Digital 22 are trained and HubSpot certified. They have achieved excellent results using inbound marketing to attract visitors and convert leads into customers. For each client we've brought on board, our team has utilised the inbound methodology to make each campaign as effective as it can be.


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Our team continues to learn and stay ahead with the latest news and trends to help our clients stay ahead too.

Digital 22 has achieved excellent results using the inbound methodology. 

Have a closer look at one of our client's progress in this case study:


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How does this benefit you?

Now that we're Platinum, we have the opportunity to work more closely with the team at HubSpot.

Achieving our new partner status proves we are using HubSpot's CRM to continually deliver excellent results, regularly educate more businesses about inbound and we're also retaining customers for the long-term.


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As a Platinum HubSpot Partner, you can step back and have the confidence in our expertise to deliver results. 

Our clients have doubled in size year-on-year and so has our team


Begin your next marketing campaign with a platinum inbound agency

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