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Creating A Business Case To Move Your Website To The HubSpot COS

Written by Andrew Thomas

18 | 05 | 17

Digital Marketing  |  
6 minute read

As marketers, we’re often swooned by cutting edge marketing tech, that we can very clearly see the benefit in as the immediate impact each new solution has is obvious to us. But what about your line manager or CEO?

Without being able to explain the benefits of a new marketing CRM or website platform such as the HubSpot COS - how can you expect to be able to get a solution signed off?

We’re huge advocates of the HubSpot web platform and we use it to deliver fantastic results to our Inbound clients, as well as using it for our own marketing. This blog takes a deeper look into the features that will appear most to those not directly using the system day to day. If you're keen to implement the COS at your company but are not sure how to sell it to your boss - this blog is for you.

A quick note on ROI…

I just wanted to prelude this blog with something you need to know. All your boss cares about is ROI. Sorry. I’m going to talk through some awesome features but I just wanted you to know, that I know. ROI is all that matters.  

I’ll run through each feature but always tie it back to proving ROI.

OK? Let’s carry on...


Source Tracking

Hubspot Sources


I’m still shocked when I learn that the majority of business who have a website don’t really know where their traffic comes from. They may have an idea, or anecdotal evidence that their PPC ads are working well or that people seem to get in touch after viewing a specific page but are completely in the dark when it comes to understanding exactly where their traffic, leads and most importantly, sales are coming from.


The HubSpot COS does a fantastic job of tracking lead sources from initial visit through to becoming a contact, a lead, a sales qualified lead, and finally a customer. By understanding the origin of your traffic and leads, you’ll be able to plug any holes and keep the volumes consistent (great for marketers). Once you’ve done that - you can look at the quality of each source independently.


e.g. Organic and Paid sources may drive similar traffic numbers, but if all your leads are being generated by Organic channels, it may be time to review your paid strategy.


Understanding source quality gives marketers a clearer picture of where to focus their time, but for a Business Owner or department head - it’s an incredibly valuable tool to quickly scope out where the company marketing spend should be allocated, and what impact any investments have had over time.


If you’re aware of Inbound Marketing, you’ll have heard of Personas. These are the semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers and are based on real world research, interviews and anecdotal evidence from sales team, managers and people within your company.


Sharing A Pizza


You may simply have one, or have two or three core personas you feel best represent your customer mix. You can read why personas are important here and make your own here - however it’s actually the way the Hubspot COS utilises this data that will be of most interest to your boss.


Once Persona’s are set up and added to your marketing CRM - you’re then able to set up various rules for what constitutes a database contact being added to said Persona, it could be any of the following:


  • Downloading a key piece of content
  • Viewing a specific page more than once
  • Coming back to your website more than 3 times within a defined period


The options are almost limitless and allow you to add a incredible layer of context to the mass of email addresses you begin to collect through your marketing.


Your boss is going to love this feature as they’ll quickly be able to see the types of people the business is attracting and more importantly - how these people are behaving. Being able to quickly drill down into a group of people and see who interacts the most and actually uses your services is going to very quickly direct your budget allocations and marketing efforts. The bottom line of this is that ROI will improve as your spend your time on those most receptive to what you do. This is what your boss wants to see.


Closed Loop Reporting

Hubspot does a fantastic job of tracking visitors, collecting conversion information, and presenting it in a way that’s easy to understand. It’s also great at e-Mail, Social Media scheduling, Blogging, and Landing Page creation - the list goes on. That’s just lovely - yet there are hundreds of alternatives available, many at a very competitive price point that offer similar features...


So what makes HubSpots reporting different?


What no other platform does well is bring all of these features together under one roof. This is great for marketers (only one password...boom) but also allows for closed loop reporting. From first click to customer - you’ll be able to track every visitor and their journey through each individual tool.


All The Features One Login Gif


HubSpot keeps track of all interactions along a timeline and builds a full picture of the behaviour of your traffic - giving you an opportunity to demonstrate the ROI of  each individual marketing asset down to the last penny.

No other platform can do this because separate systems do not talk to each other in this way. You can spend lots of time and money setting up API’s and complex integrations that push data back and forth but they are never going to work as well as an all-in-one system. Trust me.

Reports in general are extremely well catered for in the COS. Every data point is displayed beautifully and detailed lead reports can be generated in an instant. What’s more - you can quickly set up teams who don’t use Hubspot day-to-day on weekly dashboard reports.


Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to your Marketing dashboard
  • Go to the top right of your screen
  • Click ‘Share’

Hubspot Report Export Feature

  • Now choose either ‘Email Now’ to send a quick report off the cuff, or ‘Create new recurring email’ to setup a regular report to go out automatically. You can choose, daily or weekly and even add a custom message. Fancy.


This is great as it will keep your team, line manager or CEO absolutely in the loop on the results you’re generating day to day. This can be used as a focal point for discussions and quickly highlighting any gaps in your strategy.


So there you have it, a few great ways you can sell the idea of migrating your web platform, CRM and pretty much everything else to the HubSpot COS. It all comes down to proving ROI and having a connected system that is incredibly capable at providing context and displaying this easily surely has to be one of the best ways to sell the idea to your boss.


So now you know what the HubSpot COS can do and how to sell the solution to your boss…

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