Come And Join Digital 22's Fantasy Premier League

Here's the details to enter our 2016/17 Fantasy Premier League. Who can beat PPC Sam?

Come And Join Digital 22's Fantasy Premier League
Written by Paul Mortimer
Company news  |   1 minute read
If you're a fan of football and Digital 22, come and join our Fantasy Premier League.
Last season, our very own Sam Banks took home the trophy... but could you be the one to take it from him this year?
Fantasy league ticket image
 Sam (left) celebrating his win. Here's your ticket to this season's league.
In anticipation of the upcoming season, the reigning Champion, who is also a PPC Executive, is confident of another successful campaign,
"My lads did well last year, they really clicked-through when I needed them to. I've AdWords with them and they seem up for it. And we'll be further optimised if-and-when Negredo signs for Boro."
Is he too confident? Can you take his crown off him?
We're using the official Fantasy Premier League game which is free to enter and joining couldn't be easier. Simply use the following link and you'll be added automatically after you've entered the game:
You shouldn't need the league code but, just in case you do, it's: 139449-45821.
Good luck!
P.S. We don't just sit around playing Fantasy Football all day. If you want to find out what else we do, get in touch for a free marketing call.
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