Buttons, Badges and Benefits: This update will change how you run your Facebook Ad campaign

Keen to take back control and assist small businesses build on customer engagement, Facebook has developed a few new tools for businesses promoting new products or service with an Ad.

Written by Andrew Thomas
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As the need for sincere customer engagement increases exponentially, Facebook has noticed that businesses often find it difficult to juggle sales enquiries with complaints and subsequently invest in multiple external programs to manage a Facebook campaign.

Keen to take back some of the control and assist businesses build on customer engagement, they have developed a few new tools for businesses promoting a new product or service with an Ad.

The Button

Hoping to provide a better platform for customer interaction, Facebook has indicated it's plan to add a 'Send Message' button directly into business news feed ads.

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The idea being that customers wanting to ask about a product or service (a potential lead) will be able to do so instantly upon viewing the ad, rather than having to visit the page wall and post amongst other 'noise'. The message that reaches your business will also have an indication of which Ad was clicked and at what time, providing your business with the required context for a response.

The button will also allow customers with a complaint to jump directly to the businesses via private message, which will hopefully take some of the misinterpretation out of Facebook wall complaints that can often confuse other readers who are unaware of the whole story. 

The Badge

Facebook is also planning to add in a new badge to business pages. The badge will indicate how responsive a business is to public and private messages about their products and services.


Image courtesy of clikz

If a business has a 90% response rate or above, as well as a median response time of less than five minutes, they will be awarded a 'very responsive to messages' badge that aims to promote customer confidence and support the buyer decision. 

The Benefits

The addition of these new features are two-fold. Increasing the engagement options of an advertisement will drive quality lead generation and bolster the value of Facebook ads as a whole, whilst publishing the response rate grade of a company will increase customer confidence and drive the Facebook platform as a destination to gain insight unavailable elsewhere. 

Secondly, the shift to move messaging to private feeds will streamline communication, speed up resolution and keep customers happier.

Whilst you may have reservations about being able to respond quickly when not in the office, by educating your customers of your operating hours (make this clear on your Facebook business page) and driving enquiries to FAQ pages and online content pieces, you will develop a self-help culture that empowers your customers and allows you to keep that green badge!

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