6 Benefits Of Using Snapchat For Marketing

More businesses are using Snapchat for marketing. There are many benefits for your business, you can improve interaction with customers and build your brand.

Written by Stephanie Barnes
Social media |   2 minute read

In the beginning, Snapchat was just considered as a fun messenger app, where you could send instant images and videos to your friends and family. Now, businesses are using Snapchat to interact with their customers. In April 2016, it was estimated Snapchat gets 10 billion video views a day. Youtube only gets 3 billion views a day. If you aren't using Snapchat for marketing, then here are the benefits you could be getting.


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1. Another way of interacting with customers - and it's easy to get them to join you

If you already have a successful social media following, Snapchat is just another means of interacting with them (and attracting new followers). 

Pizza Hut is already renowned for being epic on social media. They have over a million followers on Twitter, for example.

They've created a Snapchat account and share delicious snaps. An excellent way of enticing customers to come back for pizza. 


2. Fun way to engage with your target audience

Social media competitions on Twitter and Facebook are fun ways to engage with your following but with Snapchat, your audience doesn't have to make much effort to take a snap and participate. 



Snapchat's filters are fun. Just by encouraging your following to share edited images of themselves shows you're a company who enjoys having a laugh too. 


3. Attract new followers

Using Snapchat can help you attract brand new followers. Snapchat and other messenger apps are popularly used by Generation Zs.  

If your ideal buyer persona is Generation Z then using Snapchat can be more productive than other social media platforms. 

However, if your target audience has no real interest in Snapchat then you should save your effort for other marketing techniques. Do you know your target persona as well as you could?


4. Show that you're real people too

With Snapchat you can show your followers and target audience that you're more than just a business, you're real people. You can bring more personality to your brand and if people relate with your snaps, they'll be more engaged and more likely to buy from you.


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5. Share insider snaps of your business

Offering exclusive entry to what it's like behind-the-scenes of your business attracts interest. Especially for big fans of your brand and people who are interested in getting a career in your company.

For example: snapping pics of people working, doing presentations and employees interacting with a product shows your followers what it's like at your company.  

Paramount Pictures are giving their followers an exclusive peek on what happens behind-the-scenes.



6. Prove you're up-to-date with trends

Most audiences appreciate businesses that are using the latest products and following popular trends.

For example, if you go on an old website, it feels like the business is outdated. The way a company acts and looks has a powerful influence on a person's impression on your business. 

Just by using Snapchat, you're showing your customers that you're up-to-date and you're a modern business.


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