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American scientists teased today a tech breakthrough which could provide an environmentally greener, safer and more convenient choice for mobiles and laptops.

Scientific researchers have claimed they invented a brand new battery which could fully charge a smartphone in just one minute.


The scientists have created an aluminium battery which they hope could replace the common lithium models currently found in mobile phones and laptops.

As well as the “unprecedented charging times” of their prototype, the team said it was also safer than lithium-ion batteries as it was less prone to setting on fire and environmentally friendlier than AAs and other alkaline models.

It’s claimed the new durable battery won’t catch fire, even if you drill through it and will generate about two volts of electricity.

The report’s authors stated: “This was the first time an ultra-fast aluminium-ion battery was constructed with stability over thousands of cycles.

The new design could be used to store renewable energy of the electrical grid, the researchers suggested.

Meanwhile, co-author Ming Gong said: “Another feature of the aluminium battery is flexibility. You can bend it and fold it, so it has the potential for use in flexible electronic devices. Aluminium is also a cheaper metal than lithium.”

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