6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Is The Best Way To Grow A Tech Startup

6 reasons inbound marketing is the best way to grow a tech startup with explanations, stats, quotes and links to further information.

6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Is The Best Way To Grow A Tech Startup
Written by Paul Mortimer
Inbound marketing  |   2 minute read

The most basic approach to advertising is if you don't tell people about your business, people will never know about what you can offer. Then it will never grow.

When it comes to the best way to grow a tech startup, inbound marketing is the answer. Here's why. 

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1. It Shows You're An Expert

Your tech startup can be showcased as the pioneering expert that you know it is.

Inbound gives a huge opportunity to use considered content plans to build an authoritative position in your industry, addressing pain points of those who need your services.

This will grow your tech startup on every level; exposure, customer trust and with it - the bottom line.

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2. It's The Future

Your marketing techniques should match the future needs of your company size and market share. Inbound is something which becomes more effective the longer it is in place. 

Having your inbound practices in place from the outset will mean that, once your startup grows into the unicorn business you want it to be, your following, reputation and trust will build a cycle of exponential growth. 

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3. It's Cost Effective

Burgeoning tech startups grow best with the most cost efficient means of marketing. That's where inbound excels.

With initial set up costs it can appear, on the face of things, that inbound marketing is too expensive. But this simply isn't true.

The truth is that inbound leads are cheaper than outbound and it generates 3x more leads per month within a year on average.

Hubspot founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah, delivered some sage advice for startups on this.

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4. It Relies On Tech Itself

You and your business are experts in a tech field. Your customers are tech savvy in the least.

You're familiar. They're familiar. Reaching out to them via a common ground just makes logical sense.

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5. It's Suited To Crowdfunding

Many startups employ crowdfunding in their early stages to attract investment.

Even if you previously believed in outbound advertising only, if you have executed a crowdfunding campaign, you have employed lots of the principles of inbound - building trust and thinking long term - to coax capital out of people.

To move away from this technique once your startup is established and operating is illogical. 

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6. Finally, Tech Startups Are Perfectly Placed To Be Living Breathing Experts

Positioning yourself as a trustworthy expert is the essence of nurturing contacts into leads and conversions.

When you live and breathe tech as a way of life, this will come across easily in your content, social and communications. This is perfect for nurturing customers through the buyer's journey.

This is what will make your tech startup grow and grow.

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