5 Simple Ways To Bring Educational Campaigns To Life

Want ideas on how to bring your educational campaigns to life? You can make your teaching more engaging and have a bigger impact by using these tips!

Written by Asia Smith
Design and graphics |   2 minute read

character conepts being drawn by kids

One of the biggest problems for teachers is keeping their students' attention. If you want to find out how you can bring your educational campaign to life and have a bigger impact on your students' learning, read more below.


First Things First,

What's Your Campaign?

While the tips listed below could be used for most educational campaigns, it's important to define and understand your objective so you can choose the best approach for you.

What is the aim of your campaign? To help you figure it out, here are some previous campaigns that schools have had:

  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Respect other classmates
  • Improve attendance (We used Sam & Sammie characters to help a school improve attendance and punctuality. It ended up being rolled out across the Borough.)
  • Remember to complete homework on time
  • Go to bed early
  • Be on time for class

Once you know what your end goal is, you can choose what's best to help bring your educational campaign to life. The following techniques can help your teaching have an even greater impact on your students.


Bespoke Learning Resources

Designing your own learning resources gives you the opportunity to create guides, books and teaching tools that will help you achieve your final goal.

On a daily basis, students learn from textbooks. It's clear that books and printed resources are still an important teaching tool for teachers; students can work from them in class and if there are enough copies, they can take them home. Most textbooks are subject specific (History, Maths, etc), but you can create other learning resources for your students to learn from.

educational leaflet example

For example: leaflets that explain the importance of getting to school on time, or books that explain why students should respect each other.

You might be thinking that bespoke textbooks won't have a big impact, but if they are designed in a way that will be engaging for students, they have the potential to make a difference. Creative, bespoke work books can have games and quizzes that encourage students to work, play and learn, all at the same time. What's not to love about that?


Engaging Character Creation

Fun, illustrated characters have the potential to have a big impact on students. You just need to think about their favourite characters in films and television series.

By creating a fun hero or heroine (or both) you can create an educational campaign that can engage with students.

educational campaign characters poster

Not only will students be more engaged with your teaching, they will also find it more memorable. Creating bespoke characters makes your educational campaign stand out and have a real voice. Think of your new character(s) as the spokesperson or mascot of your campaign.

To make your character unique and engaging to your students, make sure to answer these key character creation questions.


Branded Website Design

A lot of students use the internet as a teaching resource. When it comes to revision season, you'd be surprised how many use the internet to help them prepare for exams.

So having a branded and customised website could be very beneficial to your campaign.

Sam and Sammie mock up examples

A website can be a valuable source of learning resources, games, videos and other helpful material to assist in spreading your message. When we created a Sam & Sammie website to help teach students the importance of going to school and being on time, we designed games and videos for children to play. We also created learning resources for parents and teachers to use too.


Fun Games

Online games are excellent ways for students to get involved in interactive learning. Think about GCSE Bitesize - their maths games and science quizzes are so valuable.

sam and sammie website on computer mock up

Creating fun games encourages students to have fun, but also to learn important lessons. However, these don't have to be games they play online. Having interactive board games in the classroom can benefit teaching too.


Educational Animated Videos

Video and animation can be one of the best ways to learn. It requires little effort by the learner, and by simply watching a 3-5 minute video, they can remember important information. Animations in particular are excellent for students of all ages. Why? Because you have the freedom to be as creative as you want to be.

asia working on sam and sammie photoshop illustrator design process

Educational animated videos are great teaching tools that can be used in assemblies, classrooms and put on the school website. They're perfect for bringing all your ideas to life.