PPC Beginners - 5 PPC Myths You Need To Know

Got a PPC account and not sure what advice to listen to? Well, below are 5 myths which we would NOT recommend you action and here's why....

Written by Perry Lear
PPC |   2 minute read

Got a PPC account and not sure what advice to listen to? Well, below are 5 myths which we would NOT recommend you action and here's why....

With PPC you can set it up and forget about it

Like most things in life, PPC is no different, the more effort you put in the more you will get out, hopefully in increased traffic, leads and conversions. Some businesses make the mistake of loading keywords, ads and set a budget and then move onto other tasks. The truth is the initial setup isn’t the be all and end all. The real benefits of PPC comes with account optimising; targeting, testing different campaigns and ad copy, adding negative keywords and constantly monitoring and reacting to keyword performance are the crucial elements to getting the best return on your advertising spend.

PPC myths

No one is searching or buying at night time

No longer are customers restricted by the opening hours of traditional shops, online shopping can literally be 24/7, and depending on your industry peak times could be between 7pm-2am. If you are switching your account off at night before undertaking research you could be wasting qualified traffic.

Some factors to consider when implementing your ad schedule are:

  • If you are serving an international customer base you will need to consider the different time zones and ensure these are all targeted. 
  • Knowing your customer base is crucial in understanding when to advertise, B2C businesses should also consider the fact people may not be able to search whilst they are working and therefore the evening hours could be one of the busiest times.
  • Is the ordering/lead process limiting your potential? If your business does rely on inbound calls and therefore your website only displays a contact number during office hours you may think your PPC needs to be paused out of hours too as nobody will be present to take the incoming calls, however why not consider replacing the phone number with an out of hours email address or contact form for enquiries, that way you can ensure all potential leads are captured.

 Copy your competitors' ads

With limited characters available in your ad copy you need to ensure you are selling your product or service to its best. By copying competitors you will not be informing potential customers of your USPs and therefore you are not giving them any reason to pick your offering over another. There is no harm to researching competitor’s ads however we would always advise to proactively improve or better their ads, offering more information, USPs, better deals or alternative more appealing text copy for example.

Google is the only search engine worth advertising with

Although the figures don’t lie and Google is definitely the market leader (with circa 88% of UK searches taking place on Google) there is definitely a case to not ignore Yahoo and Bing altogether. Although the amount of searches is a smaller percentage this is not small in actual numbers and to ignore this altogether would seem foolish.

You can also import all your information into Bing and therefore reduce the amount of duplicate work. We would therefore suggest at least performing a trial to establish the different levels of traffic, conversions and ROI, as you may well be surprised!

You don’t need PPC if you rank high organically

Organic traffic is imperative and should be a key focus of any digital marketing strategy, however the benefits and uses of PPC can be much different to SEO. Firstly PPC enables you to target a wider range of short tail keywords than it may be possible to rank for organically, therefore this will increase your potential target market. Also there are some people who will automatically dismiss any paid ads and skip directly to the organic ranking however this works in reverse and some people rely in the paid adverts for all their search results.

Having organic listings and paid ads is the best way to go!


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