5 Books Every Tech Marketer Should Read

I wanted to share 5 books I think are must reads for any marketing professional in the tech industry. These books will improve your marketing skills...

5 Books Every Tech Marketer Should Read
Written by Rikki Lear
Digital marketing, Inbound marketing  |   1 minute read

It's World Book Day so I wanted to share 5 books I think are must-reads for any marketing professional in the tech industry. Whether you are in B2B, consumer tech or SAAS, these books will improve your marketing skills...


Permission marketing

Permission Marketing - Seth Godin

For decades, marketers across the world thought their job was to get their message seen by as many people as possible, with the customer actually needing the solution, seen as a bonus.

The result of this mass approach is, more and more people see this as unwelcome and disruptive marketing. Seth Godin turned this concept on its head. In his book, he talks about the power of permission based marketing - marketing the prospect, at the time they want it.


Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing - Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

This is the book that launched the inbound marketing movement.

Inbound marketing soon became the playbook to attract, convert and close more customers in a way which follows the principals of marketing Seth described. If you are marketing digitally, you really cannot miss this one.


The Psycology of Persuasion

The Psychology of Persuasion - Robert B. Cialdini

A marketer's job doesn't end with getting people to the website. These visitors need converting into leads. Cialdini, in his book, gives 6 key areas which can influence prospects to take action (liking, consistency, authority, scarcity, social proof and reciprocity).

By using this book, you can take your copywriting and conversion rates to the next level.


Crossing the Chasm

Crossing the Chasm - Geoffrey A. Moore

With his book, Geoffrey created the new game plan for bringing cutting-edge products to market. 'Crossing the Chasm' will guide you through the adoptive stages and help you discover if your product is really disruptive or simply an incremental advancement.



Marketing Lessons From The Grateful Dead - David Meerman Scott and Brian Halligan

You would think there isn't much a tech marketer can learn from a rock band, but you would be wrong! They built a dedicated and active community by breaking all the rules of music marketing. Implementing an inbound model of mailing lists, freemium content and social media. It's a good way to get perspective on the inbound marketing model.

Not enough reading? 

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