What is a Millennial? Here's the answer + 4 incredibly simple ways to engage them

What is a Millennial? How do they think? We discuss simple ways you can engage with Millennials.

What is a Millennial? Here's the answer + 4 incredibly simple ways to engage them
Written by Stephanie Barnes
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Millennials are the digitally fluent generation who have come to rely on the internet; using it to learn, research and make decisions. To market to individuals who are tech savvy, you need a strategy that interacts with their mindset. First, understand who Millennials are and then create a marketing strategy they will engage with.

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Who are these people?

The Millennial Generation, or as commonly known, Millennials, are a demographic group born between 1980s to 2000s. 

Because of technological advancements and changes during this time period, there are common assumptions about Millennials. They are usually:

  • digitally minded
  • proficient on social media 
  • cautious with money
  • willing to search for good dealswhitehouse.png

A recent Whitehouse report reported one-third of the US population as Millennials.They are a large cultural demographicand will be for years to come. This puts into context the need for a directed approach to millenial marketing.


                                                                                                                                                              Source : Whitehouse.gov

How do they think? 

"Eco-Friendly? Shout about it."

Millennials want to feel like they are getting value for money

As Millennials have grown up surrounded by technology, they are intelligent online and are more willing to take time to find cheaper prices and good deals on what they want. They will also research to make sure they really want a specific item before they buy. This completely aligns with the Inbound Marketing Methodlogy.

Millennials have also been brought up in an identity based ecosystem where people use social media to project their identity. Updating their status, sharing a tweet, creating an inspiration board, are just some of the ways Millennials use social media as a medium of self-reflection. 

This generation want to know exactly what you're business, product or service can help them say about their identity. Eco friendly? shout about it. You're now part of someones personality make-up. Millennials will be influenced to buy if you have a positive effect on their identity.

Online First 

"If you're not online, you're not in mind"

Traditional outbound techniques that push adverts in front of a user (e.g. television adverts, paid adverts, spam emails, etc) will more likely be ignored or considered as interruptive. We all watch TV on catch up and skip those ads, you need to be providing assitance in the research process to stand a chance of being chosen.

When Millennials have a question, they will go to the internet to find those answers. With inbound marketing you must create relevant content that assists in answering questions. 

Inbound is a great fit here as the Attract, Convert, Close and Delight process provides value at every stage and ensures that help is always on hand, you are always answering a context loaded question rather than pushing an irrelvant promotion. 

Inbound Marketing fits like a glove 

"Give them control with the ETC mantra"

Shama Hyder of Zen Media has devised a three-stage ETC mantra for marketing to millenials:

  1. Educate - Millennials want information, filters for the noise, insight and wisdom so offer them useful information at every oppurtunity.
  2. Transparency - have an honest brand and positively interact with customers online. Remeber, It is not a negative review that hurts you. By responding in a positive way to such a review you can build trust and this demonstrates that you are committed to improving your service. Remove the ability to be sceptical.
  3. Choice - offer options to help customers feel like they have a choice

Millennials want to learn, they care about the reputation of your brand and they like to be in control, so let them have it! Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage millennials.

Getting started in 4 steps

 1) Leverage other Millennials



The rise of social media as a promotional platform has paved the way for social 'influencers' to have a real impact on the purchasing decisions of the general public.

Brands have begun to recognise the power of product placement on social and regularly send products to people with an influential following.

Do you have samples or can you make some? The cost of a free sample will more than likely be far cheaper than running a regional ad campaign. 

2) Create a useful blog, update it regularly

The Digital Digest

Content can be used to offer helpful information about the industry you are in. How-to blog posts are a helpful means of getting people to your site and they are valuable sources of information for Millennials. Write useful blog posts that answer common questions.

3) Make honest and rewarding CTAs that provide real value

Call-to-actions that offer helpful information and resources for free are popular with Millennials. As part of the inbound strategy, you want to offer free and valuable information in exchange for an online visitor's contact details.  Offering educational resources that are easy to read and valuable will build trust and bring in relevant leads.

4) Create a positive brand image and be honest

Millennials care about their image and what people think about them. They will care about your business' reputation, if you have bad reviews and appear negative online, they won't want to associate with you.  Your social media updates should be regular and reply to enquiries quickly.

To market to Millennials, your website needs to offer helpful and relevant information. With inbound marketing, you can create a strategy that attracts Millennial customers by offering resourceful information online. 

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What advice would you recommend when marketing to Millennials? Share your insights in the comments below.