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How SEO needs Social Media

Written by Vicky Bradley

23 | 07 | 14

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Making the most out of combining SEO insights with social media marketing tactics can be accomplished with a roadmap that identifies the audience you’re after, the goals you’re trying to reach (and can measure) as well as a strategy that sets the stage for the tactics you’ll use to execute your game plan. An article from the Guardian stated that ‘SEO is dead. Long live social media optimisation’. Although we don’t agree, the sentiment is there.

The website SocialMediaToday.com states that there are 6 reasons social media is critical to your SEO. “As a business you must look into;

  • Link building is key
  • “Crowd source” the links on social media
  • It’s the fastest way to multiply your presence online
  • By sharing content and interacting with others on social media creates “social signals” which can rank you higher
  • Having original, relevant and good content on your social links can bring in website traffic to your website
  • Make sure that your content and link building is true and not fake just so you can get ahead on the search engine.”

Whilst these all credible, here are our key points;

  • Amplify your link building content via social media for best results
  • Use social media to build relationships and directly contact editors and site owners
  • Google+ can directly affect the SERPs for your followers

A key part of SEO (and social media) is being the “expert” of your industry. This can lead to being a thought leader within your field therefore publishing and creating good content for your audiences can lead it to being shared through various social media platforms and link building it to your website generates traffic.

How Digital 22 can help you as a business is by researching the relevant topics and content by creating a talking point that stands you out from the rest of your competitors. Using the a tactical approach on the various social media websites from Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest – or whichever one that can be helpful to you for sending out the right key messages to your target audience.

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