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Online Marketing Salaries UK - A Detailed Breakdown

Written by Rikki Lear

05 | 02 | 14

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Moz recently provided us all with their annual survey results (and of course some excellent analysis of their own) so we took the data and had a closer look at UK salaries. Of the Moz respondents 598 were from the UK which gave us a great data set to work with. So let's jump straight into it!


This data is getting old... see our updated blog post on this topic:

Online Marketing Salaries in the UK (2015)



By the way you may wonder why the salary brackets are so specific, this is because we converted the Moz data which was in USD, at the current rate of 0.61, into Great British Pounds.



Before we get into the heavy data we wanted to take all the findings below and have a bit of fun so we have detailed the best paid, worst paid and closest to average paid personas for the online marketing world!


Best paidCheif of Web Analytics

Job Level – Chief

Job Area – Web Analytics

Experience – 5 to 10 years

Age – 35 to 45

Gender – Male


Worst paidWeb designer

Job Level – Intern / Coordinator / Assistant / Analyst / Writer

Job Area – Web Designer

Experience – 1 to 2 years

Age – 18 to 25

Gender – Female


Closest to averageSEO Strategist

Job Level – Strategist

Job Area – SEO

Experience – 3 to 5 years

Age – 26 to 34

Gender – Male



Most Popular Salary Brackets


Highest to lowest salary brackets by popularity:

£18,439.98 - £27,659.97 31%
< £18,439.98 21%
£27,659.97 - £36,879.96 21%
£36,879.96 - £46,099.95 10%
£46,099.95 - £61,466.60 9%
£61,466.60 - £92,199.90 5%
£92,199.90 - £15,3666.50 2%
> £153,666.50 1%


Interesting takeaways:

  • 53% of people earn below £27,659.97. With the average UK salary being around £26,500 the majority of people working in online marketing fall below this.
  • In terms of high earners only 8% of people earn over £61,466.60.



We wanted to look further into these figures and investigate the salary brackets for specific job levels and roles as well as age, gender and experience levels. Rather than simply supply you with a lot of data we decided to take the middle salary level on the survey, which was £46,099.95, and see which specifics fell above or below this.

For reference across the whole UK dataset 16% of people are earning over this mark.

To make the data more accurate we also took out all options with under 5 responses, the people who didn't respond to the option or didn't want to give the specific data away.


Job Area

Above or Below Middle Salary by Job Area


Order of most over the middle salary:

Job area Above the middle salary %
Web Analytics 33%
Marketing 20%
PPC 18%
SEM 18%
SEO 14%
Inbound Marketing 13%
E-Commerce 11%
Web Development 9%
Content 8%
Social Media 6%
Web Design 0%


Interesting takeaways:

  • Web design and development generally are two of the worst paying job areas.
  • Those working in social media and content, despite being the in vogue job areas at the moment, are still not getting above the middle salary as much as traditional roles.
  • Web Analytics has by far the highest percentage over the middle salary at 33%, we suspect is this because it is still a niche skill.


Job Level

Above or Below Middle Salary by Job Level


Order of most over the middle salary:

Job level Above the middle salary %
Chief (C-level) 67%
Director 48%
Vice-President 40%
Business Owner 34%
Strategist 20%
Consultant 11%
Manager 11%
Project Manager 8%
Specialist 4%
Analyst 0%
Assistant 0%
Coordinator 0%
Intern / Student 0%
Writer 0%


Interesting takeaways:

  • The obvious job levels are in the highest brackets (Chief, Director, VP and business owner).
  • There are no analyts, assistants, coordinators or interns above the middles salary as to be expected but no writers either, another in vogue skill which is seemingly lower paid than expected.



Above or Below Middle Salary by Gender


Order of most over the middle salary:

Gender Above the middle salary %
Male 19%
Female 7%


Interesting takeaways:

  • Over double the amount of males are earning above the middle salary showing it is still a male dominated industry in the top paying positions



Above or Below Middle Salary by Age


Order of most over the middle salary:

Gender Above the middle salary %
35 - 45 35%
Under 18 33%
46 ­- 69 31%
26 - 34 18%
18 - 25 2%


Interesting takeaways:

  • The youngest respondents are not the worst paid, in fact they are the 2nd highest earners! This illustrates that in this industry, more than most, young people can compete with the highest earners.



Above or Below Middle Salary by Experience


Order of most over the middle salary:

Experience Above the middle salary %
5-10 years 38%
More than 10 years 37%
I don't work in internet marketing 22%
3-5 years 13%
2-3 years 3%
Less than 1 year 2%
1-2 years 1%


Interesting takeaways:

  • The most experienced respondents were not the highest paid as you would expect.
  • The least experienced are not the lowest paid either, but there is certainly a correlation between experience and salary level.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on this post and if your experiences match or differ from these results!