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Here at Digital 22 we believe both search and social PPC (pay per click) are integral parts of formulating an online marketing campaign. By creating an integrated strategy you can ensure your business is targeting all potential leads, as with traditional search PPC you target your audience through keywords however with social media PPC, you are targeting personas. The methods in which you target using these two techniques are therefore very different.

For any search PPC campaign researching the relevant keywords is crucial. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, finding the right balance of relevant and cost effective keywords is the initial, and one of the most important, tasks. Of course this will be a moving target and will require continuous improvement to ensure rankings are optimised. By successfully implementing and managing a PPC campaign you can achieve additional customers through appearing at the top of the search engine results for your targeted keywords.

Social Media PPC is be becoming increasingly important as more and more people access news and information through social media sites. Advertising via social PPC requires an understanding of your target audience because you are targeting based on gender, age, social class, occupation and even interests / hobbies. You can therefore deliver advertisements directly to your target audience without them searching for any keywords. By engaging your target audience in this way you can potentially increase brand awareness, site traffic and create additional leads and sales for your business.

Pro tip: You can gather demographic and interest data directly from Google Analytics. Simply follow the setup instructions under the Audience > Demographics / Interests tab. Utilising this will give you essential information such as conversion rate by gender, age and interests which you can base your social PPC upon.

For every business competing for market share and customers, it is important to utilise all tools and services at your disposal. By working with a PPC expert they can help ensure a consistent message is delivered across your marketing campaigns in the most efficient and effective way possible taking into account your business objectives, industry, competition and target audience.

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