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What is Google Penguin 3.0?

Written by Vicky Bradley

27 | 10 | 14

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8296911152_868ef83c96_zLast week, we posted a blog about Google’s latest update on the algorithm for Panda 4.1 which you can read here.

It has been over a year since the last Penguin update therefore we expected this to be hard hitting but so far the number of queries effected seem low.


When Google Penguin 3.0 released?

Google Penguin update starting was rolling out on Friday 17th October and confirmed by Google on Sunday 19th October.

What is the Penguin algorithm and who do it effect?

The Penguin algorithm aims to penalise websites that partake in unnatural link building, particularly scalable schemes. Unlike most parts of the Google algorithm it doesn’t refresh regularly, Penguin actually requires a major update to have an impact. This means if you are badly effect by Penguin in the last update you will have had to wait over a year to see if you clean-up efforts have worked.

What impact has 3.0 had?

The impact that this update has had, compared to the previous Penguin updates (such as 1.0 which impacted 3.1% of queries and 2.0 impacted which 2.3% of queries), is minimal - only impacting 1% of queries.

What to do if you have been hit by Penguin 3.0?

We recommend that you look into your (or your agencies) link building strategies. You will have been put into the firing line for the Penguin penalty if Google deem your link building efforts unnatural (or black hat).

If you are sure it is a Penguin penalty which has effected your site then you have to do a full, and realistic, link analysis and clean up. Once this is complete you need to wait until the next update to see if you have done a good enough job. As these updates are few and far between it would be wise to get a third, and less bias, opinion on your link profile to ensure you remove any links that could stop you recovering in the next update.

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