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What is Google Panda 4.1?

Written by Vicky Bradley

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PandaAbout Google Panda 4.1
This Panda 4.1 update is the 27th from Google. The purpose of the Panda updates is to rid the poorer content that is on the web from ranking as high as the better quality content. Google has been able to discover additional signals to help Panda identify low quality content.

When was it released?
Google are very good at regularly updating their algorithms, but the actual impact of them and how they affect a website may not been apparent until the algorithm has been rolled out fully. The Panda 4.1 update was released on the 25th September 2014.
A brief overiew of the stages of development that have led to this point are:
- The first Panda 1.0 was released in February 2011 which affected nearly 12% of all search queries.
- In August 2011, Panda Update 6 saw 6-9% of queries was pushed out to non-English languages.
- Over the following months, Google rolled out many Panda updates that had a smaller impact on the percentage of queries. The percentages ranged from 0.7-2.4%.
For a full break down of dates and updates, checkout this page on SearchEngineland

How and who does it benefit?
It is claimed that this update gave a greater diversity and saw more high-quality small and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which we feel is great news as unique, high-quality content is being rewarded. No matter who publishes it.

And remember, if Panda update’s have had this impact on your business give us a call!



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