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6 Month Look Into SEO

Written by Vicky Bradley

04 | 07 | 14

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At the end of last year we wrote a blog about the trends seen in SEO through 2013. In case you missed it, here it is. As a follow up we are looking at the current changes of SEO and the trends that are growing in popularity throughout the first half of 2014.

All this Googley

Just in this last year, Google have had massive changes to its search algorithm. The two major changes / trends are:

  • Releasing Panda 4.0. As with previous versions of Panda it is designed to prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results.
  • Google Plus is increasingly helping content rank higher in search-engine results for the people who have you in their circles or +1 your content.

Good content is key

Content is more relevant and import in the SEO game, whether it be on websites or social media. People online are constantly bombarded with hundreds of messages and organic results to choose from when they search for something, so if your content of blog posts and newsworthy stories stands out by offering the reader an optimised title and the ability to understand your product or service in a unique way, you'll do much better at capturing their attention than your competitors. Be the expert in your field and tailor your blog posts to your audience. Having a richer media of pictures or videos that is relevant to your business provides great content.

One note of cautions is guest blogging which was considered to be one of the most effective SEO methods. It was a great way to build quality in-bound links, build a brand and gain relevant traffic to a site however the tactic has been abused and therefore users of the method for SEO benefits severely threatened by Google.

Always staying connected through mobile devices

With regard to mobile phones and their usage, the number of people that are using their smartphones or tablets to access the internet is increasing at an extremely fast pace. Many company websites now have mobile versions of their main website. Recent studies show that 68 percent of search engine queries are generated from mobile devices even when there is a desktop on hand. This means that it is important to recognise these trends as it is evident people prefer doing everything on the go. Clearly, access to your information is crucial.

Even though the technology and platforms are growing, the same trends seem to still be around. Mastering theses tools are beneficial for work in SEO from looking into the new algorithm or new ways to do relevant content. Will it be much of the same by the end of the year? Check back with us then.

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