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Workwear Express is a leading supplier of workwear, corporate and promotion clothing. They have been a client of Digital 22 since January 2011 and in that time we have had fantastic results so as one year as a client goes by we have reflected back on the achievements of one year together.

Top line figures

Workwear Express is a mature website which had previously been internally and externally handled for online marketing, in particular SEO. With this is mind it is extraordinary that in one year we have managed to increase total visitors by 107% and our expert advice into the functionally and content of the website also lead to a 34% better conversion rate. The impact of these two factors was a staggering increase in online sales of 120%!

Workwear Express is not only an online business but the website also acts as the main generator of sales offline (via phone calls and online messages). Our work has had a major impact on the business on the whole which can be seen in the revenue increase by close to £2m as well as the staff intake (staff levels have almost doubled - most of which are sales staff to deal with all the inbound enquiries from the website).


We manage all online marketing for Workwear Express including SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing and affiliate. The breakdown of the results are below:

Organic search (SEO)

Organic search traffic has grown phenomenally (230%) due to a combination of high ranking competitive keywords such as #1 for ‘Workwear’ and #2 for ‘Uniforms’ and long tail traffic (we have managed to get 9,648 keywords landing on URLs 4,159).

The impact of this on organic search revenue is 195% up year on year!

Paid search (PPC)

By the close control and expert knowledge we have increased Adwords revenue by 118% while only increasing cost by 36%. This is an increase in ROI of 207%.


  • 188% increase in social media traffic
  • 2756% increase in email marketing revenue
  • Setup an affiliate scheme which makes a 694% ROI

Overall the relationship between Digital 22 and Workwear Express has allowed for massive growth for the company both on and offline in only a year. We look forward to the results that 2012 bring...

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