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10 Things We Learnt At BrightonSEO: Digital 22 Goes To Brighton!

Written by Stephanie Barnes

04 | 05 | 16

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This year, some members of our team travelled down to Brighton to attend the renowned BrightonSEO conference. Travelling from Clitheroe, it took us about 4 hours to reach our destination. Along with some sightseeing on the pier and eating fish & chips, we attended many SEO talks. Here is what we learned...




1. Generation Zs are very different to Millennials

From Nicola Stott's "How and Why UX must be front and centre to your technical strategy"

It's important you understand the differences between Millennials and Gen Z in your marketing strategy. 

Millennials (born between 1976 & 1995)

  • They regularly use social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc
  •  12 second attention span

Generation Z (born between 1996 - now)

  • They regularly use messaging apps like SnapChat, WhatsApp, etc.
  • 8 second attention span 

Last year, messaging apps overtook social networking apps. If you're marketing towards a younger audience, you need to consider whether messaging or social network apps are the best route forward.

Children on laptop 

2. Generation Z prefer cool products. Millennials appreciate experience.

Website navigation is very important when optimising your site for conversion. Millennials appreciate websites that are easy to navigate through. 

However, when you're marketing for Gen Zs, they care more about the product rather than the online experience. Your navigation should be sleek and easy to follow but you need to limit the number of pages. Once a Gen Z has decided to buy, they don't want obstacles.

3. By 2020, 40% of consumers will be Generation Z

Just like with SEO, you need to be willing to change and adapt your marketing strategies.

4. The Rise of the Personal Agent


Over the last few months, we've written blogs about AI and the advancement of personal agents:

As tech marketers, you need to be aware of how intelligent agents are being used more in daily life. The way we talk to Siri, Google Now, Amazon Echo, etc, will have an influence on SEO.

5. The benefits of a featured snippet

Rob Bucci's "Deep diving into featured snippets" 

Featured snippets are amazing gateways for high volumes of organic traffic. If your website depends on high quality content getting traffic to your site, then you need to work on getting your content featured by Google.

Even if you're No. 3 or No. 9 on Google for your keyword, the featured snippet directs people straight to your site. 

how to build a brick shed featured snippetExample of a featured snippet.

To get your content in a featured snippet, you must:

  • Make your content relevant
  • Optimise for SEO
  • Use vocabulary and phrases relevant to the industry you're writing for

6. Use your keywords appropriately

Marcus Tober's "Ranking Factors Reloaded - Why content is your key to success"

As people try to get their website ranked for good keywords, they sometimes fail to think about their content.

The content you write in your blogs and web pages must always be relevant.

Marcus used as an example "costume ideas". 

A keyword like 'costume ideas' suggests you're looking for inspiration of different types of costumes. If you target that keyword and send online visitors to your costume shop, you're being misleading. 

Google is getting more intelligent. We've seen how Google is using RankBrain and incorporated the Panda update into its main core algorithm. Google has said it will benefit sites that have relevant and helpful content. If you're trying to manipulate Google to get higher rankings, you will get caught out.

7. How to recover from a bad PR campaign 

Catherine Warrilow's "Epic PR fails and what we can learn from them" 

Catherine gave us examples of PR campaigns that backfired. 

The most important advice she offered was to acknowledge any bad PR stunt and get ahead of the media. Otherwise, it will only make the situation worse!  

8. How to successfully market as a local business

Greg Gifford 'Marketing to Local Customers'

Local businesses need to work together to get themselves noticed online. 

You can get ahead of your competitors by using online video marketing (this is still a fairly untapped resource!). Getting your videos on Youtube and Wistia are great places to host your videos and get your business noticed. 

9. Seagulls are huge in Brighton

These guys are bigger than the seagulls we see in Blackpool...

brighton seagull

10. The importance of an audience persona for your business

Laura Hampton 'How to build useful audience personas' 

Audience personas are central to your marketing. If you don't know your buyer persona inside-out, you are missing vital information about your customers and your marketing will fall flat. 

You can only create engaging content and PR when you know your audience. 

At Digital 22, we understand the importance of audience personas. For all of our inbound marketing clients, we create buyer personas so our marketing strategy is focused

Have a go creating your own Audience Persona

Download our persona template to discover how much you know about your ideal customers. Fill in any gaps to further your understanding about your audience to make your marketing effective!

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