Inbound Marketing Templates


Getting started or improving your inbound marketing is hard and time consuming, we know that! That's why we have created five ready to use inbound marketing templates which will get you on the right path. Before you write a blog, create a landing page or optimise your site for inbound you MUST plan your work first to get the best results.

What will I get?

Content Audit Template

Use this worksheet to list your current available content and map it to the Buyer’s Journey. You can then visualise where the gaps are in your content strategy.

Workflow Template

A quick reference sheet to create an effective workflow that is linked to a top of the funnel content piece. Use the questions to the left to focus things like your tone of voice, choice of CTA within each email and time delays.

Conversion Funnel Template

Working your way back up the funnel, use the % values to calculate how much traffic you will need to hit your business goals. You will need to speak to your sales team to get the bottom of the sales funnel info (they aren't as scary as they seem!)

Buyer Persona Template

Use this sheet to define your personas. By completing these you can ensure you have everything you to know for effective marketing. Get the info from your knowledge, online research and interviewing the personas (don't miss this bit)

Buyer Journey Template

Each persona will need a unique buyer journey. Completing these will help you map out what content you need to create at each stage. having content for every stage is essential for successful inbound marketing.

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