The numbers of listeners are going up - fast

In April 2020, there were 9.4 million weekly podcast listeners in the UK. And that’s up from 7.1 million as recently as September 2019. These figures, from research by Ofcom and Ipsos, show that as streaming habits become ingrained, people want on-demand audio content to entertain and educate them.

Your persona is already listening to podcasts.


The listener is captive and engaged

Not only is the audience growing in size, but it’s also captive and engaged.

71% of podcast listens happen on a smartphone. That’s usually during commuting and other hands-on activities (at the gym, walking the dog or doing housework).

This results in the majority of shows being listened to in their entirety. 

Which means you have prolonged brand exposure and the chance to really speak to your audience. This is the antithesis of short-form, blink-and-you-miss-it ad copy.

It’s your chance to have your persona engage solely with your brand for 15-30 minutes a week. A priceless opportunity.

You can record a full series of studio-quality podcasts in just one day

With a small amount of planning and just one day of recording, you can generate six weeks worth of studio-quality podcasts.

All you need to provide is a willing host and some expert guests or just two regular presenters from your company.

We’ll have a planning call together and then provide everything from the equipment and producer on-location to the editing and publishing.

Before you know it, you’ll be speaking directly to your target audience and sharing entertaining, educational content straight to them without interruption.

We’ve been doing this for years ourselves, so you can fast-forward through all the learnings we’ve gone through already.

We’ve tried the DIY approach ourselves, but we want you to have a studio-quality sound

We started with one podcast mic in an echo-filled room.

The sound was at times unusable. But we kept experimenting and investing in equipment. Now, we have a fully mobile podcast studio and expert production process. Using our podcast creation service, you get all of the following:

  • The same microphone and recording equipment as used by the BBC. You can either record at our in-house studio or we can bring the equipment to you.
  • A producer working with you from a planning call and during the recording process.
  • A fully edited series of SIX episodes, complete with everything you need to publish on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Your competition either hasn’t yet realised that podcasting is the way to spread a brand’s reach; or is producing poor-quality, hard to listen to content. Your podcast will be professional, targeted and effective. We’ll help you create a show that builds a dedicated and engaged audience of brand advocates.


What exactly is included, how does it work and what’s the cost?

  • You get SIX professional-quality podcast episodes, recorded in one day, at your location.
  • We hold a planning call to discuss topics, formats and logistics. You just need to provide a host and guest/co-host.
  • We bring all the studio equipment to you along with a producer who helps make sure the show goes smoothly.
  • We then edit the audio, write the descriptions and upload to Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • We then embed each episode on a blog post and write social posts for sharing, so that you can promote it via your own website.

All of this for only £2,880 per series alongside a marketing retainer
(saving almost £5k compared to when bought standalone)

Here’s how our own podcast helps us

“We’ve seen our sales close rate massively improve when the prospect has already listened to us on a podcast.”

Rikki Lear - Rikki Lear Founder and Director Digital 22

Start producing your podcast today

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