Inbound podcasting.

It seems like everyone’s listening to a podcast these days. Written content and inbound video are crucial to attracting an audience, but the demand for podcasts means you need to give your personas what they want - digestible audio and visual content. We can help you get there. Check out our prices

Why start podcasting?

Join the podcast wave to drive phenomenal results.

Podcasting is just like any other form of educational content and that’s why we offer this unique service. Our proven process gives you another entertaining place to attract your ideal audience and solidify brand authority.

It offers a human touch. It’s both informative and entertaining in bite-sized chunks, right at your personas’ fingertips. Not everyone has the time to sit down and read a 30,000-word blog, download or article. Especially when they can take in that knowledge much quicker while running on the treadmill, during a commute and anything in between…


Launching a podcast can help you...

lead magnet icon Drive more leads

rocket launching Increase brand awareness

target icon Stand out from the noise

Capture attention icon Put you where people's attention is

hand shake icon Become industry leaders

brick wall icon Better engage with your audience

The stats speak for themselves…

Over 700,000 active podcasts with more than 29 million episodes in over 100 different languages. The demand is there with over 7 million people in the UK alone tuning into podcasts each week. The best part? These figures continue to increase year-on-year, so how can you afford to miss out on the podcast revolution?

Kickstart your podcast journey.

So many different skills involved, the technical software to get to grips with, all of the channels you need to be aware of, the cost of setting up and the time and dedication involved. Sound familiar? We get it, it’s more than just pressing record so it can get a bit overwhelming.

When it comes to launching your podcast, work with the pros.

If you know you want to dive into podcasting but don’t have the resources or time, then let us help. As part of your inbound retainer, our inbound podcasting service ensures you have relevant and engaging episodes which you can push on multiple marketing channels. Oh, and Google has started to show podcasts on the SERP too, so this new offering helps to keep your content current.


Everything you expect from a quality production company and more...

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Asset 381 Record on Location or Our In-House Studio

Asset 372 HQ Audio Kit

Asset 383 1 Day Recording

Asset 370 Setup Publishing

Asset 362 Interview Style

Asset 378 Boost SEO Content Efforts

Asset 358 Titles & Captions

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Asset 354@2x Organised Series of Content

Asset 352@2x Video Option Available

Asset 55@2x HD Footage

Inbound podcasting.

Our process

We know a thing or two about creating a successful podcast. Our ‘Inbound After Hours’ podcast has reached new heights and we’ve managed to sit down with industry leaders ranging from Brian Halligan to Larry Kim. Here’s how we can help turn your podcast idea into a reality.


Any successful podcast needs a solid strategy. We work with you to put together a plan so you can gain listeners in no time. It starts by strategically choosing a topic and coming up with ideas that can convert knowledge into unmissable episodes - making the show flow with some direction.

The topics depend on your personas and content audit so we know which gaps to fill and build a tailor-made strategy to reach your goals, giving your audience exactly what they’re looking for. You bring the guests and expertise, we’ll turn it into magic.

Record your podcast

When you’re ready, we’ll pack our bags full of the latest tech and set it all up so all you have to do is focus on creating engaging content. We know you probably don’t have a lot of spare time for our editors to pop down every other day, so we’ll record a series of 15-30 minute podcast episodes in one batch either at our in-house studio or at your chosen location.

We’re also on-hand to facilitate the episodes, help you organise guests, promote discussions and offer any advice or tips you might need during recording.

The post-production stage

Once we have your raw files, we’ll head back to our studio to get it edited and create inbound podcast episodes that will leave your listeners wanting more. We’ll also create the artwork in-line with your branding, have killer graphics that match your crisp audio and even turn them into snippets so they’re ready to share on your social channels.

As an extra, we can also film your podcast as well so you get the best of both worlds: inbound podcasting and inbound video to further drive growth and results.

Hosting and marketing your podcast

When we’re pushing out your other forms of content on your social channels as part of your inbound retainer, we’ll also make sure to get the word out about your new podcast. Your social channels, blog, emailing your database, embedded on your website, pushed on your written content - we’ll definitely get the word out.

This comes after we edit your batch-record your episodes and host them on Soundcloud. The RSS feed is then shared with some of the major players like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to reach a wider audience.


Find out more about our inbound podcasting service.

Podcasting is on a meteoric rise and is another way for your personas to consume your content. Sure, you could hire multiple agencies to deal with your content, SEO, design, development, paid search and more, but why not work with us where do all of this and more under one roof? All on the same strategy. Always dealing with the same, familiar people.

Sound interesting? Download our inbound podcasting price guide and find out what you need to get started.

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