Want the benefits of a proven process?

Inbound marketing can take time to perfect and when you want to see results, it can be frustrating. We’ve worked and rolled out over 250 inbound marketing strategies, so we have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. We continually adapt our process based on the results we see and when we work with you on your strategy you can be sure you’ll be working to the latest trends and successful strategies but it’s tailored to your industry and your persona’s needs.

Our proven process

There are no secrets. You’ll know what we’re doing each step of the way

We utilise a four-week strategy phase at the start of our partnership. This is where we get to know your potential customers then develop a unique inbound strategy for you using tried and tested methods.

Our team of 41 in-house experts learn all about your goals, we become your team and we’re all working towards hitting the same targets.

We achieve this by running a kick off meeting. It’s basically a getting to know you session. Not just for us but for your team too. It’ll be the first time everyone in the partnership will come together - your management, marketing and sales team - our key team members all in one room talking through key information about your company. It’s an opportunity to fact find, gather opinions, share data and draft key strategy docs. It’s the catalyst for the rest of the strategy phase.

Is it time to take the next steps?

By now we’ll understand you, your company, your industry and most importantly your customers. This allows us to build your personas, map their journeys, conduct a content audit, research your competitors and create a style guide which enhances your company voice.

There’ll be a lot going on but at the end of it, you’ll have solid foundations for all inbound marketing campaigns, which we’ll present to you in the strategy showcase session.

Ready to get your inbound marketing strategy going? Book a call with Caroline, our Solutions Manager, who’ll help identify how we can help and talk you through our processes in more detail.