Hello Manchester!

We’re Digital 22, a Clitheroe-based Inbound Marketing Agency just 28 miles from good ol’ Manchester (that’s a 45 minute drive!).

But the niceties out of the way, you’re not interested in who we are, you’re interested in what we can do.

We’re purely HubSpot and Platinum exclusive to Manchester

We’re the only Manchester Inbound Marketing agency to be graded as a platinum partner with HubSpot, in fact, we’re only one of twelve nationwide HubSpot agencies that have achieved this.

We live, breathe, and talk Inbound Marketing

We really love inbound marketing and all aspects about it. We have even curated our beloved weekly podcast, Inbound After Hours, that’s purely dedicated to it and has featured the likes of Brian Halligan, Neil Patel, and more.

Why you ask? Well, we not only want you to benefit in results from inbound marketing, but learn from it also. We’re a fully transparent inbound marketing agency in Manchester who works proactively with our clients so that they not only ‘get’ what we do, but understand the process.

Our experience

We’re a team of 17 with a vast amount of experience in inbound marketing, in and around Manchester. With that, comes numerous failures and numerous successes for each, but like we said, we’re transparent and honest. We have learnt from our mistakes so you don’t have to make them - in fact, we’ll work proactively with you so you can avoid them.

But why do failures matter? Because you can use this experience to your advantage and get to where you want to go faster, leaving less time to be wasted in tactics, processes and strategies that will waste your valuable time and money.

We’ve helped dozens of frustrated marketers become superheroes in their company - and we’d love it if you were the next one.

Want to chat about your HubSpot needs? We’d be happy to chat:

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