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We do great inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is at the core of everything we do. Here's some information about our inbound service and how we created it. Check out our prices
We started with SEO.

In 2011, we started as a one-man SEO agency. Now, we’re a team of 40+ specialists who do everything that’s needed for modern day inbound marketing.

Then went all-in on HubSpot.

Within two years, we started doing inbound marketing before switching to only working on HubSpot. We saw the potential and have never looked back. As the platform’s grown, so has what we do for clients.

And fine-tuned a process.

We’ve got a team of down-to-earth people who all have a specialist skill. All of them slot into a process that’s been years in the making and is always being fine tuned. It exists to make your life easier.

A process that’s proven.

We know it can always be better, so it does evolve now and then, but we know the overall way we work is statistically proven and data driven. It works and we can prove it.

A process that’s agile.

We pioneered the idea of points-based pricing. We started the trend as it lets you stay agile and puts our specialists to best use for your current goals.

Strategy is key.

We take our time to plan your strategy with you. You’re the expert in your field and we rely on working with you to be able to do what we do best: generate results through inbound.

SEO content is central.

After the overarching strategy is worked out, we deliver 90 day campaigns centred around SEO-driven, lead-gen content. What we talk about on your behalf is data-led and effective.

Then we optimise.

Whilst SEO is building up sustainable traffic to your site, we draw more traffic via PPC and tweak what we’re doing based on the results. Every campaign direction learns from what we’ve done in the past.

And automate the nurturing.

We use HubSpot in an advanced way to automate as much of the lead nurturing as possible. Once we’ve agreed what’s an MQL and an SQL, we can free you up to work on the rest of your to-do list.

Client testimonials

Claire Alcroft, Blue Logic Computers
“From the very first interaction with Digital 22, I was highly impressed by their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to help. Digital 22 has a family feel to the business and everyone truly cares about their brand and the customers they work with.”
Claire Alcroft, Blue Logic Computers
Anna Liversidge, B&B Press
“Digital 22 are a pleasure to work with. They always make themselves available to offer their expert advice and go that extra mile to make it happen, which is really appreciated. Don’t get stressed about your inbound marketing, just call Digital 22 and work with professionals.”
Anna Liversidge, B&B Press
Gordon Nardini, Chameleon Pens
“The team at Digital 22 have gone above and beyond with the service they have provided us, with the launch of 5 e-commerce websites, fully integrated with HubSpot. They also have a great local social club just around the corner that you can get 4 pints and a coke for £13:-)”
Gordon Nardini, Chameleon Pens

See our prices.

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Why it’s time to work with an inbound marketing agency

Work with us and you’ll be accessing a vast pool of expertise for your existing marketing team to tap into. You’ll have the time and resources available to implement the long-term growth plans that you’ve always wanted to. We’ll bring our own ideas and suggestions to the table as well - either way, the results will speak for themselves.
Been there, done that.

We have years of experience as an inbound marketing agency working with all kinds of clients. We’ve tried and tested techniques and learnt from mistakes in the past which allow us to offer excellence today.

We’re always learning too.

We know that there’s always more to learn and understand. That’s why we’ve so many HubSpot certificates across the team. Plus, we attend inbound conferences in the UK, US and even host our own.

Attract visitors and close deals.

We follow the inbound methodology, targeting the full buyer’s journey and providing value every step of the way. Our work attracts more visitors to your website and when the deal has closed we find ways to delight your customers too - so they’ll keep coming back in the future.

Access to the latest tech and resources.

New technology and equipment can be a significant investment for your business. Working with an agency means you have access to this tech without having to foot the bill. In addition to HubSpot, we use tools like SEMrush, Zoom, Vidyard, Accelo and more.

Big on communication.

So that we’re well-equipped to drive growth for your business we get to know you through kick-off days, regular visits and weekly video calls. Your designated Inbound Strategist is always available for a quick chat. We never leave you in the dark.

Our process in detail.

The blueprint stage icon You’re in pre-start.

We start learning where you need help.

Learn more
Create a concept icon Create a concept.

Then we learn your business and industry.

Learn more
Design the blueprint icon Design the blueprint.

And put together the strategy you need.

Learn more
Build the engine icon - magnet Build the engine.

Then start turning strategy into campaign plans.

Learn more
Take a test drive icon - arrows pointing in 2 directions Take a test drive.

And then get your first inbound campaign on the road.

Learn more
Start performance tweaking icon - shaking hands Start performance tweaking.

Before taking a moment to analyse and optimise before we start again.

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Focused on you.

In direct partnership.

We know the reason you're considering a partner agency is because of one (or more) of the following: you're spread too thin so can’t do everything you want to do, you're not sure what your next step should be or you need better results. Whatever your individual situation, we'll focus on helping you achieve what you need.

We’ve helped dozens of frustrated marketers become superheroes in their company - and we’d love it if you were the next one. Want to chat about your HubSpot needs? We’d love to chat.

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Why Digital 22?

We’re the right choice for your business because we’re transparent and honest. After eight years of doing inbound - we know it works. This means we’re more than happy to show you our process and monthly results. For the best chance of success, we make sure we get to know your business through regular visits and video calls. That way, we can tailor our services to suit your needs and ambitions. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach - each campaign is designed to complement your specific strategy.

Check out our CVs

Need help with paid advertising? Speak to our PPC expert. Looking to better engage with your community on Twitter? Our social media marketers are standing by. Whatever expert advice you need, we have a specialist that’s got the skills, know-how and experience. To access the same expertise without an agency you’d need to hire a whole new team. You might already have a marketing expert. But do you have access to specialists in CRO, SEO, PPC, content marketing, web design, social media, inbound video and more?

Open and transparent

Every blog, social post, email and web page build is 100% Digital 22. We deliver the best possible results because it’s us who’s delivering them. We never outsource work to other agencies and take care of everything in-house. If our name is attached, you can be certain that the work was carried out by our specialists.

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Diamond Partner Logo HubSpot Diamond Partner

We’re in the top tier of HubSpot partners and have been since the start of 2018. We reached this level because we achieved outstanding results for our clients through the inbound marketing services we offer.

HubSpot Partner of the Year Logo Partner of the Year

Not only are we a Diamond Partner, we were also thrilled to be awarded HubSpot’s EMEA Partner of the Year Award for 2018. This was in addition to four HubSpot Impact Awards for services like sales enablement, graphic design and website design.

inbound-hubspot@2x 100% HubSpot

We’re all in with HubSpot because we know it works. Unlike other agencies that try to keep many different plates spinning, we focus solely on HubSpot so that we can get the absolute best results for our clients.

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