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Subject: Inbound Agency Proposal


Hi [Insert first name],

I found this Inbound Marketing Agency who I think would be great to have on board and aid our inbound marketing efforts.

The agency, Digital 22, specialise in growing businesses like ours by attracting ideal visitors, converting them into leads early on in the buyer’s journey, and closing them into delighted customers who keep coming back.

Inbound marketing is time intensive and requires many different skill sets to be successful, which is why I believe it will be beneficial to take advantage of their expertise to save us time and not be stretched thin.

A few things I liked about this agency which are different to most others:

  • They have a point-based pricing system which provides maximum flexibility for us, and we only pay for the deliverables, not the time it takes D22 to deliver them and we can change scope without paying more.
  • We only need to sign up to a 30 day notice period, not a year long agreement like most others I found.
  • Their prices are online and are inline with our budget, click here for more info. 

Ultimately, they have been and done for other companies what we are trying to achieve (you can see their case studies and testimonials here) and they’re definitely a company that I would like to try and test.

Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if you’re happy for me to book an initial discussion with them.


[Insert your name]

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